Life Perception

The vedas theory of life

Life Perception

All human beings aspire for life, wealth and life after death. Out of the three, life corners paramount importance as without life nothing matters. To sustain the life, wealth is inevitable. No life is worthwhile without the means to sustain it. The second importance is therefore to wealth. As a rule of natural law, all human beings are bound to find out a livelihood by engaging in appropriate vocations.

Third come life after death. Few may disagree with this perception, but many aspire for it. Three schools of thought are in vogue about re-birth. One is, it is a natural phenomenon. Second is, it is created by god, and the third is, it is happened by sheer chance. Similar is the reasoning given by these schools to birth.

Sages have accepted rebirth as a reality many centuries ago. They visualized the rebirth through their divine eyes. Vedas have endorsed re-birth and asserted that goodness and well-being are assured to those who adhere to religious practices, truthfulness, self-control, non-violence, austerity and charity and that these virtues augurs good for rebirth.

Yet another modern outlook on rebirth has gained the ground. The birth is originated from the parents, but their complexion, voice, appearance, mental and intellectual ability etc differ from parents. The new born has an instinct to cry, suck breast, laugh or cry without external coaching. The children have birth marks and strange intellectual interests or otherwise. All these are suggestive of rebirth of persons died, they argue.

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