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Medicinal Plants

Ayurveda's herbology and how it is used in the medical practice.

Atharva Veda is rich with herbal plants’ medicinal values and wide elaborations about them. Indian tradition is apt in use of medicinal plants from time immemorial. The plants were treated with reverence and there existed a strong belief that they possessed godly power. Atharva Veda gave strong support to such belief and suggested to wear some plants, notably darbha, udumbara, guggulu and satavari against health disorders and misfortunes.Wearing certain flowers and leaves by neonates is advised to improve their immunity power.

Herbal formulations are the essence of ayurveda .The whole plant is considered to have active principles .Yet there are specifications for the part used in certain conditions .No plant is there in the universe which lack any medical value.Even though there are thousands of plants been described in ayurvedic contexts only a fraction of them has been recognized so far.

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