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Oil & Body

Oil & Body

Oil plays a beneficial role on human body. Loss and greying of hair and headache are prevented by the daily application of oil on head. The oil strengthens the sense organs, ensures cheerfulness, sound sleep and reinforces skull bones. Daily application in the ears prevents hearing disorders, improves stiffness of neck and jaws and relieves vata caused disorders. Daily application on body (from foot to head) keeps away vata caused diseases, keeps body strong, free from damage by trauma and makes body supple and good looking. It further discards foul smell, itching, sweat and lack of appetite.

Gargling by oil improves taste and appetite while it prevents lip-cracking, teeth caries, over or under sensitivity of teeth to sour tastes and the teeth becomes painless.

Weekly application of rasanjana (mercurial collyrium) and daily application of sauvira anjana (callyium) in the eyes helps promote secretions, controls kapha and cleans the vision. Avoid applying collyrium during day time in summer, but apply in night.

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