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Other Yoga Breathing Exercises

Other Yoga Breathing Exercises

Bhramani (Nasal Snoring)

Compared to usual mouth snoring nasal snoring is more difficult. In Bhramani the lips are closed and soft palate vibrations caused solely by nasal air flow. In mouth snoring this is not the case. Before practicing Bhramani it is necessary to practice mouth snoring so as to have control on palate vibration process which is attainable gradually only. For pregnant women Bhramani is helpful for getting prepared for labor.

Lift the soft palate enough towards the top of pharynx. This is to produce flutter, the control of which is not so easy. The sound produced is more or less like that of buzzing sound of bee. In Bhramani, both inhale and exhale are done through both the nostrils and produce the sound (snoring, buzzing or humming) in both directions. The inhaling sound is not similar to exhaling sound. The inhaling sound is higher as similar to buzzing of male bee while the exhaling sound is lower as similar to female bee.

Sitali (Tongue Hissing)

Sitali is also a breathing technique. In this case the sound is caused due to the air drawn in through the protruding tongue folded as a tube while inhaling. Curl up both the edges of the tongue. The tongue will now form as a tube. Strongly breathe in through this tube. While breathing the air go through the moist tongue causing cooling and refreshing to the throat. The tongue has to remain moist and for this roll the tongue back against the palate to the maximum possible. This has to be done during all exhalations so that all the breathings will be fresh like the first breathing. As a result, the tongue position may be like the lower portion of a bird’s beak (not like tube in earlier position) and with faster or slower inhalation creates variations in loudness and softness and smoothness of reversed hissing sound. Draw the tongue back into the mouth and close the lips while finishing the inhalation. Exhale through the throat or alternatively through the nostrils.

Sitkari (Teeth Hissing)

Sitkari is related to the sound generated by drawing the air in through the front teeth tightly closed or slightly loosened. Here the tongue tip regulates the air pressure and sound. This technique is only for inhaling. Exhaling is through the nostrils after a full pause. Press the sides of the tongue against the teeth, lining the sides of the mouth, if they are closed tightly or expanding between the upper and lower sets, if the jaw is opened slightly. The sound, some sort of reversed hissing, similar to the sound generated when touches ice or hot object, has to be regulated to be smooth and pleasant sound. This experience is generally said as ‘Sipping Air’. This technique cools the mind and relaxes the body. Close the lips at the end of the inhalation as preparatory to holding full pause with the chin lock. The hissing sound ends when the lips are closed.

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