A potted history of the Pandyan dynasty


Pandyan, the oldest dynasties of Tamil Nadu, was among the three royal dynasties which ruled Tamil Nadu that time. Jatavarman Sundara Pandyan was a Pandayan king who ruled the Pandayan Kingdom from 1251 to 1268. The kingdom ruled by them was called as Pandaya Nadu, Jatavarman is said to be one of the famous warriors and conquerors of the south. He was a good ruler and during his reign the kingdom flourished immensely.

The Pandaya Kings also have their mention in several poems in the Sangam Literature, including Nedunjeliyan, the victor of Talaiyalanganam and Mudukudi Peruvaludi.

One of the noted Tamil Scholar Devaneyan, states that the word Pandyan originated from the Tamil word Pandy which means big or strong as people also use it terming for some. This is relevant today also, as some people in Kanya Kumari district still use the word Pandy in reference to their neighbouring Thirunelveli district presently  Kanyakumari, which was a part of Pandya Nadu. It has a huge historical background all making the place more impressive.

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