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Parashuram was the 4th son of Sage Jamadagni and Renuka. Parashuram is the 6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Bruguram or Parshuram is the grandson of the Sage Brugu and Puloma. Parashuram learnt the art of weaponry from Lord Shiva.

As per Mythological story Lord Parashuram meditated at Gokarna and invoked Lord Varuna (the Lord of the Oceans). Parashuram asked him for a boon. To absolve himself of the heinous crimes he had committed, he wanted to gift some land to the brahmins. There was no land available.

Lord Varuna told Parashuram that he would give him as much land as he wished. He told him to fling his traditional axe, from where he stood at Gokarna. The land from Gokarna till the point where the axe landed would be given to him was the boon that Lord Varuna promised him. The throw of the axe from Gokarna to Kanya Kumari, is what Kerala. Parashuram donated this land to the brahmins.

Another tale famous is when once Parashurama visits Shiva and the way was blocked by Ganesha. Parashurama threw his axe at Ganesha, which chopped off one of the tusks of Ganesha.

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