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Prakruti & its Meaning in Ayurveda

Our Nature and description of ayurveda types

Explanation of the concept of our constitutional nature or Prakruti in Ayurveda

Prakruti of each individual is determined at the conception stage itself. The permutations and combinations of the five basic eternal elements manifested in the parents Sukra and Arthava (male and female gametes) determine the constitution of the individual at the conception stage.

Once the conception has taken place no alteration in the constitution is possible. The basic nature of birth is based on the interlacing of the five eternal elements. The combination of these elements present on birth remains constant while continuous physiopathological events in the body are apt to changes in the environment, food habits daily routine and the like.

According to ayurveda there are seven Prakrutis which have different characeteristics.

1 Vatha type

2 Pitha type

3 Kapha type

4 Vatha-Pitha type

5 Vatha-Kapha type

6 Pitha-Kapha type

7 Vatha-Pitha-Kapha type

Out of these seven, Vatha, Pitha and Kapha are the three important characters.

Characteristics of Vatha type (wind dominant)

Underweight, slim, hair, teeth, brittle bones, brittle skin, head, chest, hands, legs, joints, nose, eyes and lips are narrow and dry, joint crepitation on moments. Speech  : quick

Sleep  : disturbed

Dreams  : active, violent, vivid

Hunger/Thurst  : variable

Favourite Foods  : sweet, sour, salty

Intrinsic Disposition : friendly, calm, dependable, grateful, well-behaved, honest, joyful.

Movement  : slow but firm

Sweat  : profuse

Bowels  : constipated, dry, hard

Sex  : variable

Health  : weak, mostly short lived

Diseases  : low resistance

Inclined Diseases  : nervous and mental diseases

Characteristics of Pitha type (fire dominant)

Medium height, soft and thin hair inclined to premature graying, forming of wrinkles and baldness, unpleasant body smell, difficulty to bear heat, thin skin, head, chest, hands, legs, eyes, nose and lips are normal and not dry, eyes become red quickly.

Speech  : sharp, cutting, moderate

Sleep  : little

Dreams  : feary, anger, violence, war

Hunger/Thirst  : strong

Favourite Foods  : cold, bitter, astringent, sweet

Intrinsic Disposition : bold, aggressive, intelligent, witty, violent, adventurous

Movement  : moderate

Sweat  : profuse

Bowels  : semi solid, solid, oily, soft, loose

Sex  : average

Health  : medium strength, medium life expectancy

Diseases  : medium resistance

Inclined Diseases  : all metabolic diseases

Characterisitics of Kapha type (phlegm dominant)

Powerful, firm, big bones, often overweight, smooth, luxuriant, greasy dark hair, hard skin, head, chest, hands, legs, joints, nose and eyes and lips are big, humid and firm, can bear heat and little cold. Speech  : slow but steady

Sleep  : deep sound

Dreams  : often of swimming, of lakes, of beautiful panoramas

Hunger/Thirst  : low, stable

Favourite Foods  : hot, spicy, bitter, astringent

Intrinsic Dispos ition: friendly, calm, dependable, grateful, well behaved, resolute, honest, joyful.

Movement  : slow but firm

Sweat  : medium

Bowels  : normal

Sex  : very intense

Health  : strong, high life expectancy

Diseases  : strong resistance

Inclined Diseases  : all diseases of breathing organs and lymphatic system, diseases of joints.

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