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Standing Poses

Standing Poses

Trikon Asana (Triangle Pose): The triangle pose is much beneficial to digestive system and for toning up the spinal nerves. Both knees are to be straight and hips facing squarely forward. Then bend first to the right and repeat it. Thereafter bend to the left and repeat it. Attain good balance in these poses to have better control and concentration.

1. Stand 3-4 feet apart with the feet. Point the left foot to the left and right foot slightly to the left. Stretch the left arm towards shoulder level while bringing the right arm straight up against right ear. Inhale now.

2. When exhale, bend to the left and slightly forward to bypass the ribs. Thereafter, slide the left hand down the left leg and hold on to the lowest part maximum possible. Look at the right hand and have several full breaths in this position and then release. Repeat the process, by bending to the right.

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