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Supine and Prone Poses


Supine and Prone Poses


Shalabha Asana (Locust Pose)

Lie down on the stomach and then stretch the hands close to the thighs. Place the thumb and index finger side of the palms down on the floor. Then make fists by both the hands in same position. Thereafter keep the legs stretched and the toes flat on the floor. Make the heels and toes together and ensure the whole body is at rest. Then inhale slowly and hold the breath. Slightly lift the head. Allow the chin to rest on the floor in same line. Thereafter, tighten the legs and hands and then lift the legs to the maximum high. Exhale and slowly lower the legs and tilt the head to the side. Then rest for few seconds and keep the body loose. Repeat the action again.

Pawanmukta Asana (Wing Relieving Pose)

This exercise helps gently massage the digestive system and push out excess air in the stomach and intestines. Further, it tones up and stretches the lower back. Ensure that the lower back or buttocks are not lifted from the ground while performing the Asana and the leg kept on the floor is straight positioned. Inhale and bend the knees while wrapping the hands around them and then press them to the chest. Exhale and release the legs. Continue the process and raise the chin to the knee. Breathe and then release. Repeat the process with left leg. This is called Single Wind Relieving Pose.


Double Wind Relieving:

This Asana also helps massage abdominal organs and discard gases from the intestines. Push the lower back against the floor after keeping the head and shoulders down.

Maintain steady and controlled rhythm while performing rocking movement. Rocking gently massages the spinal vertebrae, back muscles, surrounding ligaments etc and provides relief from spine stiffness.


Ekpadauttan Asana (Single Leg Raise Pose)

This Asana strengthens the lower back and abdominal muscle and helps in the Yoga headstand and trimming of the waist and thighs. In this all the postures commence with legs together and palms down by the sides and one leg raised and the other kept flat on the floor. Push down with the hands to help lift the leg. Leave the hands palms up the sides when felt the muscles are strong. Straighten the knees and bring the lower back to the floor. This helps straighten the spine. Inhale and raise the right leg to the maximum. Exhale and down the leg. Do this three times. Do the similar action with left leg in equal times.


Dwipadauttan Asana (Both Leg Raise Pose)

This Asana is meant for trimming the waist and thighs. Lie down flat in the floor. Inhale and raise both the legs with knees straight and buttock on the floor. Lower the legs while exhaling. The lower back should remain flat on the floor while bringing the legs down.

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