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Tayamkulangara Sree Subramanya Temple


Tayamkulangara Sree Subramanya Temple

The temple is located at Cherpu, about 10-km from Thrissur town. The deity is Subramanya.

At the east side of the temple, beyond Main Road, facing west is the shrine of Hindumban who was an ardent devotee of Subramanya Swamy who is facing east. Behind Subramanya Swamy’s shrine there is a shrine for Ganapathy which too faces east.

This temple is more commonly known as Kerala Pazhani. There is a legend behind it. The sage Pooru and his friends once visited the shrine of Subramanya Swamy at Pazhani in Tamil Nadu. When he was in the shrine he felt as Subramanya Swamy telling him that all the Banyan trees near Peruvanam temple (near Thayamkulangara Subramanya temple) are Gods and that they became Banyan trees due to a curse. Subramanya wanted to make these Gods curse-free and for that he is coming to Peruvanam, implied in the vision of Pooru. Few days later a boy with a spear in hands was noticed in the north-western side of the Peruvanam temple. He caused a hole with his spear in the ground when water sprinkled out. He collected some water and sprayed on the Banyan trees. The dug hole later became wider and deep and the same is what at present the temple pond is.

Subramanya was the last word in astrology. Worshipping and giving him offerings of his liking are considered as the ultimate solution for the ill-effects pronounced in the horoscopes.

There are about 43 sub-deities which include Sri Ayyappan, Sri Ganapathy and Naga (serpent).

The main offerings are Kalabhabhishekam, Shadabhishekam, Udayastamana Pooja, Appam for Ganapathy and Sashty Ootu (Anna Danam – free-meal service).

The festival called Thaipooyam is celebrated in the month of Makam (January/February). The main attraction is Kavadiyattom (dance with Kavad). For this Ambalakavadi (Kavadi with multi-tiers (upto 21 tiers and about 4 meters high) and Pookavadi (Kavadi with numerous artificial flowers and without tiers) are used. caparisoned tuskers accompanied by percussion musics are also there in the festival.

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