Hindu Temples In Kannur

The major hindu temples of Kannur district in Northern Kerala

Guide to Temples in Kannur

Kanhirangad Vaidyanatha Temple :

The temple is located at Kanhirangad, 6-km from Thaliprambu, on a hill top. The main deity is Shiva, facing east. Here the deity is self-incarnated and as the name (Vaidyanatha) implies, the deity is a celebrated Ayurveda physician. Bhagawathy, Ayyappan and Ganapathy are sub-deities.

Skin and eye diseases get cured here by offering Bhajan (singing of god-praising poems).

The main offerings are Ksheeradhara (pouring of milk on the idol) and Jaladhara (pouring of water on the idol).

Shivarathri is the main festival which is in the month of Kumbam (February/March). There is Aaru Nhayar (six Sunday) ceremony here. If the 6th day of any Malayalam month is on Sunday it is called Aaru Nhayar (six Sunday) and is considered auspicious. Thiruvathira is also celebrated on a large scale.

Brahmin ladies are not allowed to enter the temple.

Parassinikadavu Sree Muthappan Temple :

This temple is located at Parassinikadavu, 20-km from Kannur town. The deity is Muthappan

The mighty deity is very powerful to solve the problems of the devotees. People intending to start new business come here before starting it for blessings for success and give offerings. Large number of devotees visits the temple.

The deity is in a hunter’s attire. A bow and arrow are held. There are canines as companions....Click here to see more

Ramanthali Sankaranarayana Temple :

The temple is located a t Ramanthali, near Payyannur. The deity is Sankaranarayana. The idol is six-foot tall in Panchaloha. Such a tall idol of Sankaranarayana is seen only here.

The right side of the idol is Shiva and the left half-side is Vishnu as body-guards. There is a sub-deity. He is Bhoothananda. The sanctum sanctorum is in Gajaprishta form.

There is a 6-day long festival which starts on the 17th of Meenam (31st March) and ends on 22nd.

Thayyil Sree Venkataramana Temple :

The temple is located at Thayyil. The deity is Venkataramana. Goddess Mahamaya is also present here in a separate shrine.

Prior to the temple took its shape, there was a Mutt known as Venkatesh Bhat’s Mutt. The Mutt was established in 17th century by Venkatesh Bhat who had migrated from Mangalore.

The temple belongs to Gauda Saraswat Brahmin community. The temple has supreme divinity....Click here to see more

Subramania Temple:

Situated at Peralassery. This temple carries historic importance. The legend is that Rama and Laxmana on their way to Srilanka halted at this temple and sought the blessings of the deity to rescue Sita from the captivity of Ravana.

Bronze and copper idols of snakes spotted everywhere in the temple. A beautiful stepped up tank is under renovation.

Located 14-km from Kannur down the NH 17.

Trichambaram Temples:

25-km north of Kannur on NH 17 in Taliparambu. Its inception dates back to 10th century. The murals inside are faded. The carvings and the murals are worth observing.

A 14-day festival called Trichambaram Mahautsavam is a great draw. The festival is in March.

Subramanya Temple:

Located at Payyannur, 21-km north to Thaliparambu on NH 17. Pavithra mothiram – sanctified ring – made with gold and holy darbha grass is a speciality here. The Brahmins used to wear such rings during rituals. The ring is made outside on order and sanctification is done in the temple. It is believed, wearing this ring, evils ward off.

Suryanarayana Temple:

At Kadiroor. 5-km from Thalassery. A 13th century origin. The idol is believed to have been consecrated by Lord Rama en-route to Srilanka. He was on Sita’s rescue assignment. For years together the temple remained unattended. Later, on orders from T H Baber prayers were held here to invoke help for the marching army to annex Coorg. The battle won, Baber helped renovate the temple damaged by Tipu Sultan.

Sree Vithobha Temple :

This temple is located at Payyannur is of new generation. Only 32 years of standing. What started as a meeting place of Gauda Saraswat community in the year1924 became a temple of fame in 1974. For the achievement of this feat great efforts of the community leaders have gone into, especially the encouragement and support of His Holiness Srimad Sudheendrathirtha Swamiji.

The presiding deity is Vithobha. In 2nd rank goddess Rukmai is also there. The concrete roofing of the sanctum sanctorum has been changed to copper sheet roofing in 1998.

The divine “Shami Vriksha Katte” is a great craze for devotees. The worship of this tree fulfils the wishes and remove obstacles encountered, the devotees testify.

The Raksha Charadu (safety thread) worshipped at the feet of the Lord Vithoba and goddess Rukmai ensures solace and prosperity to the devotees who wear it.

Vaisakha Pournami festival, Ashada Ekadashi, Bhajana (recital of slogans of gods’ likings), Karthika Ekadashi Bhajana, Karthika Panchami, Uthana Dwadasi, Sree Varamahalaxmi Vritham (fast) are the festivals and major ceremonies conducted.

Thaliparambu Rajarajeswara Temple :

This shrine is situated at Thaliparambu, 23-km away from Kannur town, on NH 17. The deity is Shiva.

In no other temples in Kerala Shiva is known as Rajarajeswara. The devotees call the Lord here in some pet names also – Perumthrikovilappan, Perumchellurappan, and Thampuran Perumthrikovilappan.

The deity Shiva here in the form of Jyothirlingam is three time more powerful in divinity than any other Shiva temples. The legend for this extra ordinary phenomenon is of interesting read....Click here to see more

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