Hindu Temples In Kasargod

Guide to Hindu Temples in Kasaragod Region

Guide to Hindu temples in Kasargod district of North Kerala

Adoor Mahalingeswara Temple :

This temple is anchored on the south bank of the Payaswani River. The surrounding is blessed with lovely forests. The deity is Shiva.

The sanctum sanctorum of the temple is of rare nature – in the form of three stepped Gaja Prishta (elephant butt). With an inner round, an outer round and a palace ground this temple carries a distinction among the temples in Kerala.

The structure of the temple beholds five vital elements – interior space, inner portion, middle portion, outer portion and courtesy, the indispensable factors with Kerala temple architecture.

Sree Ananthapadmanabhaswami Temple

31-km from Bekal at Ananthapura. The deity is Vishnu similar to the famous temple of Sree Ananthapadmanabhaswamy in Thiruvananthapuram. Here the idol is in sitting posture, whereas in Thiruvananthapuram it is in Ananthasayanam posture (laid down on multi-headed snake)....Click here to see more

Adukkathu Bhagawathy Temple :

This temple is located at Adukkathu, 2-km from Bibungal on Painadukka-Bandadukka Road. The deity is Bhagawathy, facing east. There is a shrine for Saraswathy as sub-deity. The main offering is raw buffalo silk.

There is a rock-cut pod with quite large number of turtles. The devotees feed rice, supplied by the temple for a price, to the turtles. When the pond dries up during summer there finds no trace of turtles, dead or alive. When the pond returns to its glory during monsoon the turtles re-appear in abundant.The temple festival is in the month of Vrischikam (November/December).

Anantheswara Temple :

This temple situates in Manjeswaram. Shiva, Narasimha and Subramanya are housed in a single sanctum sanctorum with equal status. Ganapathy, Laxmi, Hanuman, Garudan and Nagas also have abodes here as sub-deities. Though Nagas (serpents) are in sub-deity title, the worship of Nagas is very important here.

Devotees from bordering Karnataka State also throng to this shrine in large number. Skandashashti and Nagapanchami are celebrated as main festivals.

Sreemad Anantheswasra Vinayaka Temple:

20-km from Bekel and 8-km north-east of Kasargod. The temple is fronted by Madhuvahini (also called Dayaswini) river. The water of Madhuvahini has spiritual power, many believe.

A three-tiered dome, a cloistered court and copper sheet roof make the temple distinctive from other temples. There is Namaskara Mandapam (praying stage) the ceiling of which is carved, depicting some Ramayana scenes. The idols of Shiva and Vinayaka are placed in Mlukhamandapam (facing stage).There is 5-day long festival starting from April 13.

Madhur temple:

At Madhur, eight kms.north east of Kasaragod, is the famous Madhur Srimad Anantheswara Vinayaka temple. The imposing structure of the temple, with its turrets and gables and the copper plate roofing, rises majestically against the beautiful landscape of hills, paddy fields and gardens with the river Madhuvahini flowing leisurely in front of it. The Madhur temple is a Siva temple with Srimad Anantheswara as its presiding deity. The Sivalingam of the temple is said to have been found by a harijan woman, Madharu....Click here to see more

Palakkunnu Sree Bhagavathy Temple Bharani Maholsavam:

Palakkunnu Shree Bhagavathy Kshetram is one km. north of Trikkannad on the Kasargod - Kanhangad road (Chandragiri route). It is one of the famous temples of the Thiyya Community. The treasure house of the temple is situated near the railway gate of Kottikkulam railway station. Important deity is Mootha Bhagavathy (Kurumba Bhagavathi). Ilaya Bhagavathy, Dhandan, Ghandakarnam,Vishnu Moorthy and Gulikan are the sub deities. Padinhatta Chamundi, and Moovalamkuzhi Chamundi, are also worshipped in the Treasure House. The famous festival of the temple is Bharani Maholsavam which falls in the month of March every year. Maruputhari festival, during the month of December-January, Kalam Kanippu Maholsavam during the month of January and 'Poorolsavam' of March-April, are the other festivals of the temple. Bharani festival starts, the next day of the Arattu festival of Trikkannad temple....Click here to see more

Irival Mahavishnu Temple :

The temple is anchored in Irival on Kanhagad-Pinnathoor route. The deity is Vishnu.

The deity Vishnu is the manifestation of Lord Krishna.

Thiruvayalappan (Shiva), Sastha, Durga and Rakshas are the sub-deities.

Shiva Temple:

At Thodikulam. 24-km from Thalassery. Pazhassi Raja once hid in the temple to escape the wrath of British raj. The temple’s history travels back to king Harichandra. Harichandra was a universal honest. Impressed by his honesty, Lord Shiva gave him Lingam. The king tired of finding a suitable cite to install it. Fortunately, at this time, he finds Shiva dancing in a cremation ground. Losing no moment, he thought Shiva was indicating the cite by way of dancing on the ground. The convinced Harichandra installed the idol then and there which later on came to be known as ‘chutalakalam’ (cremation ground). Chutalakalam later on came to be known as Thodikklam. The temple spreads down eighteen laterite steps. Exquisite murals outside, depicting Ramayana, Rukmini Swayamvaram and Adi Sankara, deserve praise.

Sree Varadaraja Venkataramana Temple :

The temple is located at Sriram Pet, on the banks of Payaswani River. The presiding deity is Sri Varadaraja Venkatramana, facing west. Hanuman, Ganapathi, Laxmi and Garuda are in the role of sub-deities.

A Ramanama Likhitha Japa Yajna (chanting of vedic poems in praise of Lord Sri Rama) was conducted in 1967. A temple of Sri Rama-Sita-Laxman-Hanuman was constructed to commemorate the Ramanama Japa Yajna in 1985.

“Sankeerthana Sapthaha” (non-stop Bhajan chanting) in December, lasting 7 days is celebrated as annual festival on a wide scale to which people throng in thousands.

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