Hindu Temples In Kollam

Guide to temples in Kollam district of Kerala

Ammachiveedu Muhurthi Temple:

This temple is situated in the town area. It was established by an aristocratic family called Ammachi Veedu (Ammachi home). Here there is no idol.

Dharmasasftha Temple at Sasthamkotta:

The deity here is Lord Ayyappa. Here the temple roof is of corrugated GI sheets as against tiles in most of the shrines in Kerala. This is just to save the roof from the wrath of monkeys in large number as if they are the devotees. The custom here is that devotees have to step on the droppings of the primate. The temple is close to Sasthamkotta lake which meets the drinking water needs of the entire district.

Kodimootil Sri Bhadrakali Temple:

It is a family temple of Kodimootil family. Located at Paripally in Kalluvathukkal Panchayat.

This shrine is co-related to Mandakkadu Devi temple. The story behind the co-relation is interesting....

Parampathukulangara Sri Mahakshetram:

This kshetram (temple) is located at Manapally north. It is also known as Pavumbakali kshetram. Shiva, Parvathi and Pavumbakali (Abhishta Varadayini) are main deites....

Puthiyakavu Bhagawathi Temple:

This shrine is located in the town itself. Bhagawathi in the form of Parvathi is so powerful she can save or seize at her will. It is presumed, Bhadrakali of Kalighat in Kokatta who was worshipped by Vivekanda Swamy and Sri Ramakrishna Paramahans is also the deity in Puthiyakavu.....

Sri Uma Maheshwara Swamy Temple:

The legend says that Uma (Parvathi) and Maheshwara (Shiva) came down from the peak of Kailasa mountain in Himalaya to the Agastya mountain and finally reached Kollam town. Amazed by the beauty of Kollam articulated by beautiful gardens, palaces and royal highways, Shiva told Parvathi : one who visits Kollam will desert his/her Illam (Illam is a Brahminical idiom for home)....

Twin Temples, Cheriazheeakal:

The Sri Kashi Viswanathar Temple is also known as Deccan Kashi Temple. The legend behind the twin temples is interesting. A priest who went to Kashi chanced upon a Shivalingam when he dipped in the Gages. He brought back the Lingam and installed here. There is another legend. There was a temple dedicated to Laard Vishnu 2000 years ago at the same site. This temple was washed away by the sea and a new one was built about 150 years ago. And today two temples at a site existed as reality. Mahashivaratri is celebrated for 10 days to appease Lord Shiva in one temple and Sri Krishna Jayanti to appease Lord Sri Krishna in the other temple.Cheriazheekal is located west to Amritapuri.

Wadekkenadayil Bhagawathi Temple:

This 1800 years old temple is just opposite to the twin temples. The original temple was taken away by sea and the present one was built 10 years ago. Kannagi is the deity here. The idol was brought from the now sea-eaten Chola city of Kaveri Poompattinam off the east-coast of TamilNadu. In the 2nd week of May a 10-day long Thottampattu Utsavam is celebrated when Kannagi’s story enshrined in the Tamil epic Silppadhikaram is enacted.

Devi Temple at Thevalakkara:

This 1000 years old temple is situated about 14 km from Alumkadavu. There is an interesting story behind the temple. Portuguese attempted to rob the temple, but their attempt resulted futile. When they tried to leave the area their ship did not move. Sensing trouble they apologised for their misdeed and put their repentance in writing on black stone. The writing is still visible. In between the sanctum sanctorum and the main door the inscription can be seen.

Outside the temple there is a papal and palm tree which grow together. A yakshi (lady demon) lives on top of the palm, the locals believe.

Ochira Temple:

Ochira is situated 17 km away from the town. There is no temple in the real sense. Around big trees in vast open area there are exposed small idols. Some idols are of female forces attributed to Shakti (power) and the others are of Parabrahmam, the omnipresent. To the right of the idols surrounded trees is an Ayyappa swamy kshetram (temple) constructed similar to Sabarimala temple, and to the left is a mosque. Ochiria is also considered an omnipresent Shiva kshetra. The visitors can see the Ochira Kaala. The decorated Ochira bulls symbolize Shiva’s vehicle, the Nandi. There is a famous festival called Ochira kali festival in June. During this festival men dressed as warriors enact mock war standing in the lake. People of various religious faiths visit this omnipresent temple and the legend is that Buddha had once camped here

Malanada Duryodhana Temple:

27 km away from the town and near Alumkadavu. The idol-less temple is dedicated to the notorious Kaurava. Duryodhana was served food and water when he was found tired by the low-cast Kuruvas here during his pursuit of Pandavas. As a custom, the priest of the temple is from Kuruva community. The rituals and customs are Dravidian. Animal sacrifice was a usual practice here earlier. Following vehement protests from enlightened citizens this deplorable practice is discontinued now. During worship a rooster wanders around symbolically. In the 2nd Friday of Meenam (March/April) there is festival when Duryodana’s favoured beverage toddy is brought by the devotees as offering. As the toddy is in great demand during this day, the devotees who are unable to get toddy bring tamboolam (betel nut and arcecanut),red silk or a rooster as offering. Malanad is located 14 km away from Sasthamkottra

Shri Dharmasastha Kshetram at Kulathupuzha:

This Ayyappa temple has a unique ritual practice. It is Meenoottu, feeding of fish. The feeding is done in the nearby lake with peanuts and puffed rice. Seeing the feeds, fish in large numbers suddenly converge and eat in a frenzy mood – a joyful sight to watch. The bridge over the lake provides a good view of the eating fish. The temple was constructed by the Raja of Kottarakara. The festival lasting10 days is in Medam (precisely from April 5 to 14). The temple is located 10 km from Thenmala.

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