Hindu Temples In Kottayam

The Hindu temples of Kottayam District in Kerala

Guide to temples in Kottayam

Adidyapuram Suryadeva Temple:

Adityapuram is located near Iravimangalam. The deity is Suryan (sun). Like in other temples here too sub-deities occupy prominent position. Sastha, Durga and Yakshi are the sub-deities.Sun worshipping temples in Kerala and India are very few....Click here to see more

Thiruvalla Temple:

Thiruvalla is near Kottayam. The deity Vishnu here is also known as Vallabha or Kolappiraan. The carvings of Dakshinamoorthy and Shiva (Yogiswara) are noticed in the temple walls. There are a Namaskaramandapam, an Agramandapam, a Gopuramandapam and a Mukthamandapam in front of the sanctum sanctorum. Only prominent temples have such Mandapams. The god Viswesera is also accommodated in a subshrine....Click here to see more

Thirukkodithanam Temple:

Thirukkodithanam is near Changanasseri. The deity is Vishnu who is also known as Amrita Narayanan. This shrine is one of the five connected with Mahabharatam. The other four are Yuddhishtira of Chengannur, Bheema of Tiruppuliyur, Arjuna of Aranmula and Nagula of Tiruvamundur. This temple is believed to have been built by Sahadeva of the Pandavas....Click here to see more

Chengannur Temple:

Chengannur is near Kottayam. The deity is Vishnu. The temple is also known as Chengannur Mahadeva temple. There is an interesting story behind this shrine. Yuddhistira (Dharmaputra) worshipped Vishnu, praying pardon for his battlefield act. In the battle field, in an attempt to deceive Drona and make him defenseless he uttered some misleading words which enabled Arjuna to finish him.

Aranmula Temple:

Aranmula is near Chengannur. The deity is Vishnu who is commonly known as Parthasarathy in this part of Kerala. It is from this temple the sacred jewels of Ayyappan are taken in procession during Dhanu (December/January) in pilgrimage season for him to wear on Makara Vilakku (the utmost important pilgrimage day in Sabarimala). Aranmula temple is linked with Mahabharata and is famous for boat race....Click here to see more

Chirakkadavu Mahadeva Temple:

This temple is located at Chirakkadavu which is on Kollam-Theni Road, about 32-km from Kottayam town. This shrine has over 100 years of history. The deity is Mahadeva (Shiva) and the idol is in the form of ‘Swayambu Lingam’ which was reportedly detected from the shadow of a Bilwa tree, the ancestors testify.

The temple, probably built during the reign of Alwars at the site where the Lingam was seen, gained glorification gradually. The temple pond nearby was not dug. The place where the Lingam detected was an inundating area during monsoon. The temple was therefore raised on a bund for which soil was dug from nearby. The present pond is the place from where soil was dug for the bund....Click here to see more

Kumaranalloor Sri Bhagavathy Temple:

This shrine is located at Kumaranallur, just 4-km from Kottayam town.

There is an interesting legend. Cheraman Perumal who was reigning the region at that time commenced building a big shrine for Subramanya whose ardent devotee Perumal was. At this point of time Pandya Kings whose family deity is Meenakshi were ruling Madura region of Tamil Nadu. One day the precious ornament worn by the deity Meenakshi found missing....Click here to see more

Panachikkadu Saraswaythi Temple:

The temple anchored in Panachikkadu is known as Dakshina Mookambika in South India. Panachikkadu is located 11-km away from Kottayam town. Though the temple is known as Saraswathy temple, the main deity is Mahavishnu (Vishnu). The devotees worship Vishnu first before worshipping Saraswathy (Devi) as a custom. Ganapathy, Shiva, Sasthavu and Yakshi are satisfied with the position as sub-deities.

There is no temple structure for Saraswathy. On the southern side of the Vishnu shrine a small pond cut through granite exists. The pond is waterful throughout the year.The idol of Devi, the Saraswathi, is beneath the pond. A creeper in the pond serves as a structure for Devi. The creeper with ample leaves in static growth rate – neither increases nor decreases the size – serves as structure from the time the Devi was worshipped centuries ago. The creeper has never flowered and never fruited – a subject worth of research by botany scientists....Click here to see more

Puthumana Mahaganapathy Devasthanam:

It is located at Thururuthy, near Changanassery. The deity is Ganapathy. 21 different idols in 21 Bhavas (moods) are worshipped here. The devotees can see only the idol of Siddhi Vinayaka Bhavaa. Only the priests can see other idols.

The main ritual conducted here is Vigneswari Balai (a sacrificial ritual). This ritual helps nullify mental diseases. People from far and near come to conduct this ritual.

Karuga Moodal (for fulfillment of wishes), Ganapathi Prathal (for removal of obstacles in marriage), Ganapathiyoottu (for prosperity), Ganesh Sadhya (for decimating the doings of enemies) are the other offerings. Ganeshayantra Elas (pendant) delivered from here possesses miraculous powers, the devotees testify.

Thirunakkara Shiva Temple:

Situated in the centre of Kottayam town.  :It is built in Kerala style architecture. The ‘koothambalam’ – traditional temple theater – is one of the best in Kerala. The paintings on the wall are commendable.

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