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Guide to Temples in Malappuram


Navamukundan Temple:

Located at Thirunavaya. This 6000-year old temple is known as Kashi of the South. The deity of the temple, on the banks of Bharatapuzha, is Lord Vishnu. It is very famous and popular for the performance of last rites for the departed. The temple became ideal for the rites as Bharatapuzha flows over the temple steps, making it very convenient to flow the rites’ remains in the water. The exquisite sculptures carved around sanctum sanctorum are splendid. Ten avatars of Lord Vishnu are carved on the top row against the wall as below the slopped roof. Just below the row sculptures depicting Lord Shiva, in his kirata (tribal) avatar, blessing Arjuna with Pashupati Astra neatly placed....Click here to see more


Keraladeeshapuram Temple:

Located at the coastal town of Tanur. The 3000-year odd old tile-roofed temple was once visited in1546 by St Francis Xavier, the Apostle of the East who is resting in the Basilica of Bom Jesu in Old Goa. The deity in the temple is Krishna. Tipu Sultan’s army ravaged idol was replaced recently.


Garuda Temple:

Located at Taripangode in Chamravattom Road. This is the only temple in India dedicated to Garuda, the carrier of Vishnu. The temple set in picturesque surroundings also accommodates a rare shrine in which Vishnu is worshipped in his Koorma (tortoise) avatar positure. The temple is ornated by golden snakes around it, presenting an impressive sight.


Kadampuzha Bhagavathi Temple:

Kadampuzha literally should mean Kadam river. The fact is otherwise; there is no river at all. The deity here is goddess Durga, who, it is believed possesses immense curative and rewarding powers. Besides thousands of pilgrims coming daily to seek blessings, hundreds of new vehicles too come here to seek blessings to ward off mishaps during their life in the roads. The idol placed in the sanctum santorum, below several stairs, is small and always flower covered....Click here to see more


Sastha Temple:

Situated at Chamravattom, 15-km to the west of Tirur. The temple sculptured by legendary sculptor, Perunthanchan, beholds Ayyappa deity. The beauty of the temple is unparallel. The temple is fronted by vast rice fields and the Bharatapuzha flows behind. The idol, positioned in equal level to the river, is below the sanctum sanctorum, quite unusual. During monsoon the flood-water inundates the temple and the same is considered as arattu (auspicious bathing of the idol).


Thirumanthamkunnu Temple:

Located at Angadipuram, 3-km from Perinthalmanna. The courtyards of the temple, on a hill, offer excellent opportunity to have a clear and lovely view of the countryside. The temple has a story centred on king Mandhatha of Surya dynasty. The king returning from Shiva’s abode, Kailas, halted at Thirumandhamkunnu, stunned by the scenic beauty....Click here to see more


Pulamanthole Sree Rudra Dhanwanthari Temple :

The temple is located at Pulamanthole. The deity is Sree Rudra Dhanvanthari. The temple is ancient to 3500 years.

Initially the temple was known as Pulamanthole Shiva temple when the deity was Shiva. Later on the deity of Dhanwanthari was added. Thereafter the temple came to be known in the present name. There is an interesting legend behind it.

The temple was constructed by Ashtavaidya Pulamanthole Mooss family as their family shrine. The Pulamanthole Mooss family was and is very famous in the Dhanwanthari wing of Ayurveda science....Click here to see more


Alathiyur Perumthrikovil Temple :

The temple is situated at Alathiyur, near Tirur. The temple has a glorious past of 3000 years. It was said to have been consecrated and raised by Sage Vasishta. The deity is Hanuman.

The main deity however is Sri Rama for which there is a separate shrine adjacent to the shrine of Hanuman. In almost all temples of Rama, Sita is also seen, but not here....Click here to see more


Idathupuram Sree Krishna Temple :

This temple is located at Idathupuram, 3-km away from Perunthalmanna. The presiding deity is Sree Krishna. The deity faces east.

Ganapathy and Ayyappan are sub-deities. The temple was consecrated by spiritual poet Poonthanam. His birthday, Thiruvathira star day in Kumbam (February/March) is celebrated here as Poonthanam Day. Guruvayur (in Thrissur district) Ekadashi is also celebrated here in a big way.

The pious poem “Sree Krishna Karnamridham” was penned by the celebrated poet Poonthanam, sitting in this famous temple.


Venkattathevar Temple:

Located at Kottakkal. The deity is Shiva. The walls of sanctum sanctorum are beautified with 64 types of mural paintings. Paintings of birds in garland form and paintings of flower-garland form divide the murals. The sculptured walls portray Arjuna praying for the Pashupathi Astra. The annual festival called Venkattathevar Utsavam during April attracts many

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