Temples In Pathanamthitta

Guide to Hindu temples in Pathanamthitta District in Kerala

Guide to Temples in Pathanamthitta



A wellknown pilgrim centre of South India. The holy shrine dedicated to Lord Ayyappa is situated 914 metre above sea-level. It is 191 km away from Thiruvanathapuram and 210 km from Kochi. Over 2 million pilgrims go to this Hindu shrine every year. The devotees going to the shrine have to wear only black robes....Click here to see more


Parthasarathy Temple, Aranmula

700 years old temple is believed to have been built by Pandavas. Parthasarathy is the charioteer Krishna who recited Bhagwad Geetha to Arjuna in the battlefield. The temple is on a platform in Pamba River. There are four entrances. The entrance on eastern side has 18 wide steps strong enough for elephants to climb. The temple has 8 tuskers which are housed in temple’s own anakottil, the stable of elephants....Click here to see more



This place is situated on the banks of Pamba river, 10 km away from Chengannur. The Krishna temple here attracts large number of devotees. The annual festival falls on the last day of Kerala’s harvest festival, Onam. A boat race is held here as part of the festival. The famous mirror, Aranmula Kannadi, is made here.


Sree Vallabba Temple:

Kathakali is performed here daily at night as an offering to the deity. Non-Hindus also allowed here to watch the performance.



Situated 5 km away from Thiruvalla on the banks of Manimala river. The deity here is Hanuman. There is another rock-cut temple, 1.5 km away from Kaviyoor temple. This temple is 8th century origin. The stone figures engraved are specimens of Stone culture. This temple is preserved as a historical monument by the Archaeological Department


Mahadeva Temple, Chengannur:

In addition to the deity of Shiva, the deity of Parvathy, wife of Shiva is also installed here. Both are in same sanctum. The legend is that Parvathy had menstruated while visiting Chengannur and the goddess here is in her teenage with pavada (skirt) as attire. The devotees believe that touching her pavada fulfills the dreams. The devotees strain to touch the pavada during Tripoothe Arattu festival when the deity is taken out for arattu (bathing), the only occasion available to touch the pavada. Chengannur where this temple is situated is accredited with three temples out of five constructed by Pandavas. Chengannur is 5 km south of Thiruvalla

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