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Guide to Thrissur in Kerala

The district’s East boundary touches Tamil Nadu, south Ernakulam district, west Arabian sea and north Malappuram and Palakkad districts It is located in the middle of Kerala State.

If you have come to Kerala in search of traditional arts, start your journey from Thrissur,known as the cultural capital of Kerala- a status it enjoyed since Maharaja Sakthan Tampuran rebuilt his capital after its destruction by the army of Tipu Sultan in the Mysore wars in eighteenth century. Thrissur town is the headquarters of Thrissur district. Thrissur is a bustling market hub on teh highway of NH 47 and forms a convenient base for exploring the cultural riches of central Kerala.

Thrissur Guide

Thrissur , the cultural capital of Kerala is famous for at least a million things! From the grandeur of Thrissur pooram, which is world famous for its impressive congregation of caparisoned elephants to its many legendary temples and religious places around, this city  offers something special for everyone. Thrissur is well acclaimed for its cultural, spiritual and religious leanings and is a city where tradition and modernity blends perfectly.

Guide to Smaller Villages In Thrissur

A listing and guide to the smaller villages of Thrissur in Kerala

Thrissur Pooram

The most famous temple festival in Kerala. Thrissur Pooram is known as the Pooram of Poorams in Kerala. Each temple will parade 15 beautifully caparisoned pachyderms, the tallest and well-figured available in Kerala.

11 Bathe in the Mountain Waterfalls

Waterfalls to splash around in the heat

The crystal clear waters that flow down the mountains of Kerala make a wonderfully refreshing shower.

18 Watch Thrissur Pooram - Kerala's Grandest Temple Festival

Biggest, loudest, grandest temple festival of Kerala

Feted as the mother of all festivals, Thrissur Pooram is undeniably the most colourful temple festival of Kerala. Percussion meets pomp with elephant parade, fighting deities and pride all make it a spectacle like no other.

23 Pooram (Temple Festival) Spectacles

Enjoy art and cultural events during Pooram

Experience the gaiety of a Pooram. Join in the excitement. 

Athirapally Waterfalls

The Falls from a fairly good height pierce through furious rocks down to the rock-beds, creating water-sparks. Across down the road, about 1.5 km away, the Chapra Falls nab the visitors to its fold. Move further about 5 km to the glamourous Vazhachal Falls. Further east, Akkayam Falls impatiently awaits to lure the visitors.


Chalakudy located 35 Km from Thrissur and lies on the route to the Athirappally waterfalls and water theme parks. The Divine Retreat Centre, a Roman Catholic prayer and retreat centre at Muringur is near Chalakudy.

Cheraman Jama Masjid Mosque

The second oldest Mosque in the world and built just 7 years after the Prophet's migration to Medina

Cheruthuruthy Guide in Thrissur

Cheruthuruthi is a small village on the banks of Bharatapuzha (Nila nadi), which is 32 Km from Thrissur in Kerala.It is better known as the cultural capital of Kerala.

Hindu Temples of Thrissur

Guide to Hindu Temples of Thrissur with short descriptions and links to longer information where appropriate

Kodangallur Visitor Guide

A small town with glorious past, 36-km from Thrisssur. Kodungallur’s colourful past vanished in the pass of time.


Indigenous to Thrissur and Palakkad, Kummaatti is impish and fun

Thrissur Festivals

Guide to festivals in Thrissur

The famous Vadakkumnathan temple, where the highly acclaimed Pooram festival is celebrated, is situated in the heart of the town. Nearby there are two other famous temples – Paramakavu and Thiruvampady – who are the organizers of Thrissur Pooram. As strange enough, Vadakumnathan temple- the largest temple in the State has no role in the Pooram. Swaraj Round, in the centre of which Vadakumnathan temple is located, is famous on many counts. Sixteen roads sprout from the Round to different directions.

The Lourdes Cathedral in the town has an underground chamber. The beauty of the structure is amazing. A general museum, an archaeological museum and a zoo are there in the town. The famous Shaktahan Tampuran Palace is located in the heart of the town. The Palace is an archaeological asset.

Thrissur is famous for tyre moulds.Over 300 tyre-mould manufacturing units function in the town. The moulds manufactured here find their way to almost all countries in the world. Another noteworthy feature is that Thrissur town boasts of more than 250 gold and jewelery shops. Today, Thrissur derives most of its income from remittance cheques sent by expatriates in the Gulf, which is reflected by the predominenace of ostentatious modern houses in the surrounding villages.

Thrissur is a great place to shop for Kerala handifcrafts such as carved wooden elephants, miniature medallion-fringed colourful umbrellas akin to those used for pooram, snake boats and kathakali figurines. Not forgetting the exquisite range of zari bordered handloom 'mundu', the traditional attire of Kerala folk.

There are countless fast food joints where you can sample the local cuisine - omelettes, dosas, parottas and egg masala- all freshly prepared, lip smacking and unbelievably cheap.

Tourist Office: DTPC, Mon-Sat 10 am to 5pm --0487 232 0800 Ramanilayam, Thrissur

Getting There:

Air: Nedumbassery Airport. Distance 45 km Rail : Thrissur., Access from all centres in India Road : KSRTC. Access from all centres in Kerala

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