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Tipu Sultan

Tipu Sultan also called the Tiger of Mysore was the son of Haider Ali and Fakhr-un-Nissa. He was born on 20th November 1750 A.D. He was named after a great saint namely Tipu Mastan Aulia.

Tipu was a great soldier and a learned man, well versed in Kannada, Urdu, Persian and Arabic languages. He was a devout Muslim, but was also appreciative of other religions. It is evident that at the request of the French, he built a church, the first in Mysore. He got his formal military training from Ghazi-Khan who was a great warrior and also a military officer in the army of Haider Ali. Tippu Sultan has been called the inventor of the world’s first war rockets.

Tipu Sultan's warrior skills were first spotted during the first and second Mysore war where he fought bravely like a true soldier. He was also an innovator with great vision. The military tactics developed by him and his father and the use of mass attacks with rocket brigades on infantry formations prove that they were masters in the art of warfare. Tippu Sultan also wrote a military manual.

Tipu Sultan's sword is as famous as its owner. He lost his sword when he was defeated by the Nairs of Travancore. The sword was presented by them to the Nawabs of Arcot from where it went to London. In 2004, the Indian industrialist-politician Vijay Mallya purchased the sword of Tippu Sultan. It was brought back to India for public display after nearly two centuries.

Tippu Sultan died on May 4, 1799 defending his capital Srirangapatnam.

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