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Twist Yoga Poses


Ardha-Matysendra Asana (Half Spiral Twist Pose)

Twist Yoga Poses

This pose helps rotate the spine. Bend more the spinal column backward or forward and twist laterally to become really flexible. This action tones the spinal nerves and ligaments in addition to improving the digestion.

Make the spine erect and the shoulders level positioned. Breathe steadily. At every exhalation, twist little more. First twist to the left and repeat the process to the right.

Rest on the heels and kneel with the legs together. Thereafter sit to the right of the feet.

Place the foot against outside of the right knee and then left the left leg over the right. Get the right heel close to the buttocks and keep the spine erect. Stretch the arms to the sides at shoulder level and then twist around to the left.

Get the right arm down on the outside of the left knee and hold the left foot in the right hand while placing the left hand on the floor behind. Twist maximum to the left while exhaling. Then look over the left shoulder.


Marichya Asana (Sage Twist Pose)

Sage Twist Asana strengthens the back. This Asana tones up and massages the abdominal area, particularly liver, spleen and intestines. It also relieves lower back pain caused by muscular strain.

1. Sit on the floor after making both the legs straight. Bend the right leg and left the right foot over the left leg. Then place the right foot on the floor close to the left knee. Wriggle the buttocks backward and sit straight and ensure both the sitting bones are pressed to the floor.

2. Position the knee in the crook of the left elbow and then wrap left arm around the right knee. Closely hold the wrists or elbows.

3. Sit straight and align the torso and elongate the core. Then pull the abdominals and press downward through the both sitting bones, particularly the right one. Bring the lower back in and up and then elongate the core upward through the crown of the head. Lift the chest away from the waist and then pull inward with the arms and squeeze the right leg towards the chest while gently thrusting the chest towards the leg.

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