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Vadakkumnathan Temple

A very big temple in 10 acres, said to have been built by Parasurama, the legend creator of Kerala. Here the deity is Shiva. The famous ‘Thrissur Pooram’, fathered by Shaktan Tampuran, is celebrated in the precincts of the temple. To facilitate the Pooram he cleared teak forests of 54 acres around the temple. The temple is enclosed by 15 ft massive walls. The Gopurams, four, in carved wood and stone positioned in four directions around the temple. Bali (sacrifice)stones in brass seen everywhere. The ground is dotted with stone reliefs of prostrating men. The deities of Ayyappa and Rama, as ancillaries, are in comradeship with giant old trees. The Adi Sankaracharya is also accommodated. The exquisitely carved wood beautifies the shrines and Koothambalam (temple theater). The idols of Shiva positioned all around the main altar. The deity Shiva is in the form of a big ‘mahalingam’. Here the main offering is ghee. The devotees brought ghee pours on the ‘lingam’ The years’ offerings has concealed the lingam. At present the devotees can see only a mound of ghee. As a miracle, the ghee does not melt or emit any smell, though in summer the temperature rises upto 35 degree C. It is said, part of the ghee is more than 1000 years old. The ghee will not be removed. If and when any portion of the mount is collapsed, the same will be sold. If a collapse is taken place, it is believed as a sign of some evil about to happen in Thrissur. Seven years back there was a partial collapse of ghee prior to the Pooram and during the Pooram a fireworks accident snatched the life of three. The Kerala’s own art form, Chakyarkoothu, is staged here very often. For this there is a specifically thatched roof structure.


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