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Vagamon is a trekkers’ paradise. Trekking on pilgrimage or nature trail, Vagamon likes foot and the visitors like Vagamon.

Vagamon is mainly constituted by three Paaras (rock hills) – Thangalpaara, Muraganmala and Kurisumala. Each is dignified to a different religion. This three mountains offer breathtaking view around. Vehicles will each upto a certain point up. From there walk is the only solution to reach atop the hills.

Thangalpaara is a Muslim pilgrimage centre where mausoleum of Sheikh Fariuddin is there.

Muruganmala (mala means forested hill) is dedicated to Hindu god Murugan, the son of Shiva. The temple is rock-cut on one side of the hill.

In Kurisumala there is a Christian shrine . Forteen crosses placed all along the path to the shrine in specific distances. There is a statue atop to which 120 steps lead. The foot-hill is called St Thomas mount as centenary memorial.

All the three mounts attract large number of pilgrims and tourists

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