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Vazhapully Sree Rajarajeswari Temple


Vazhapully Sree Rajarajeswari Temple

This temple is located at Edamuttam on NH 17, about 30-km from Thrissur on the south-west direction and about 20-km from Kodungallur on north direction.

A lively story shines this shrine. A mother and a son who were ardent devotees of goddess were living far south of Kodungallur within the jurisdiction of King of Cochin. A saint came to their house and sought some water to dispel his thirst. The pleased family in a hurry plucked a tender coconut from a nearby palm and presented to the saint. Later they realised the palm tree was not in their property and that the property belongs to the King. They feared of reprisal by the King and were in shaken mind. The very night the son had an intuition as goddess telling him to vacate the place immediately and go to Kondungallur lest the King will behead them. Both of them ventured out towards Kodungallur. The Kodungallur reached pair prayed to Kodungallur Devi for solace. They felt as Devi telling them to go further north. They reached Vazhapully where they installed an idol of goddess and started worshipping which later famed to be known as Sree Rajarajeswary temple.

Here there is a shrine for Guru Muthappan who had constructed the temple. And there are shrines for old aged revered celebrities who possess divine power and who came from Cochin on those days.

Even during the period of caste barriers for entry into temple existed this temple was open to all castes and creeds whereas other temples allowed entry for upper castes only.

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