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Vizhinjam Village

Quick guide to the village of Vizhinjam to the south of Kovalam


Vizhinjam Village

Vizhinjam is known as fishing village. It is just 2-km south of Kovalam.

Vizhinjam Fishing Harbour is a natural port which is about to be developed as a major port for which spade work is already in progress. It is the busiest fishing harbour in Thiruvananthapuram district humming with activities all the days. The sight of hundreds of fishing boats crowding on the harbour is delighting. See them from distance as the fish-foul smell is nauseating.

There is a Marine Aquarium near Theatre junction. Though housed in a shabby building, it is a treasure of marine products. Clownfish of Finding Nemo fame, moon wrasse, squirrelfish, lionfish, butterflyfish, giant turtles, triggerfish, aggressive surgeonfish, deadly piranhas, sharks etc are few among the many nursed here.

The Aquarium has mastered in the image-pearl production technique. The technique seems simple but needs perfection. A mould made of lime is implanted into the pearl oyster. After two to three months a moulded pearl is ready. The images of Christ, Virgin Mary, idols of Hindu gods and goddesses are displayed in the Aquarium.

There is an 18th century old Cave Temple near Vizhinjam junction. It has semi-carved idol of Shiva and goddess Parvathi on the outside. Inside there is a single-celled shrine. Being a Cave Temple (very few in Kerala) many devotees and others visit here. As against other temples, one day, that is Monday, is closed here.

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