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Yoga and Pregnancy


Yoga and Pregnancy

From conception till birth is the period of pregnancy. Missed menstrual period, fatigue, nausea, morning sickness, tenderness and swelling breasts, weight gain, mood swings, increased frequency of urination, constipation, carvings for unusual substances etc are the symptoms of pregnancy.

During pregnancy a number of health problems may crop up. Hypertension, liver disease, asthma, epilepsy, sexually transmitted diseases etc are the problems faced. During the first trimester the involvement of risk is relatively higher. It is during this period of 3 months the vital organs of the infant such as brain, internal organs, arms and legs take shape.

Yoga exercises help thwart the onset of many health problems and prepare the mind and body for labor. It also makes the body active and supple and minimizes some of the complaints. More importantly, it relieves tension around the cervix and birth canal and opens the pelvis, resulting in easier labor and smooth delivery. The breathing technique is much helpful during the labor. And also helps restore body shape, uterus, abdomen and pelvic floor apart from relieving upper back tension and breast discomfort commonly felt after child birth.

Standing Yoga poses are best suited for the first trimester as they strengthen the legs, reduce leg cramps, promote circulation and generate energy. Hamstrings’ stretching is also helpful to avoid sciatica.

From 10th week to the end of 14th week no practice should be undertaken as this period is very crucial.

To prevent fatigue and overwork, reduce the time of Asanas during 2nd and 3rd trimesters. During this period, supine poses, backbends and twiting with some modification are good. Take care not to overstretch he abdomen.

The Yoga poses advised for pregnant women are:

  • Padma Asana,
  • Vajra Asana,
  • Trikon Asana,
  • Ardha Chakra Asana,
  • Veer Asana,
  • Shava Asana and
  • Ujjayee Pranayama

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