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Yoga for Endocrine System

Yoga therapies for the Endocrine system

Yoga for Endocrine System

Diabetes and Obesity fall under this category.


Diabetes is a situation where the body does not produce insulin or use it to the required level. The hormone insulin is an essential thing to the body as it converts sugar, starches, protein etc into energy. Genetic factors, lack of exercise, obesity and stress are the causes for diabetes.

Yogic Cure: Uttanpada Asana, Shalbha Asana, Paschimottan Asana, Ardhavakra Asana, Matsysendra Asana, Suptavaja Asana, Vrikshna Asana, Surya Namaskar, Anuloma-Viloma Breath Technique and Kapal Bhati.


Bulk body due to high amount of fat is generally known as obesity. This is due to more intake of calorie that is the quantum of energy burnt by the body system. The factors linked with genetic, psychological, environmental, lack of exercise, life style etc are the causes. Consumption of drugs with steroids is easy prone to obesity.

Yogic Cure: Ekpadauttan Asana, Shalbha Asana, Santulana Asana, Danur Asana, Ardhvakra Asana, Paschimottan Asana, Matsyendra Asana, Suptavarjana Asana, Suryanamaskar. Yoga solutions.

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