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Yoga for Mental Problems

Yogas approaches to mental health

Yoga for Mental Problems

Anxiety, depression etc are involved. Yoga solutions.


Worrying is what is known as anxiety. It happens from non-accomplishment of some causes or sense of threat or danger feeling. At this stage uneasiness, fearfulness or apprehensiveness is felt.

Yogic Cure: Tada Asana, Trikon Asana, Veera Asana, Padma Asana, Navaka Asana, Matysa Asana, Shalbha Asana, Dhanur Asana, Pawanmukt Asana, Shava Asana, Hala Asana, Sarvanga Asana, Surya Namaskar, Ujjayee Pranayama.


Mental weakness is depression. Sadness, loss of interest in everything, despair, sense of worthlessness etc are the major characteristics of depression.

Yogic Cure: Tada Asana, Trikon Asana, Bhujanga Asana, Padma Asana, Shalbha Asana, Pawanmukta Asana, Shava Asana and Kapalbhati.

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