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Yoga for Nervous System


Yoga for Nervous System

Migraine and Sciatica are the major ailments caused by nervous malfunctioning. Yoga Solutions.


Vascular headache (severe headache) caused by inflammation and irritation of the nerve endings is known as migraine. Nausea, vomiting, tunnel vision, dizziness etc may also be the companions of severe headache. In acute cases pain may be there in one or two sides of the head and around the eyes, back of the neck, face, sinuses etc.

Yogic Cure: Tada Asana, Trikon Asana, Veera Asana, Navka Asana, Matsya Asana, Matysendra Asana, Shalbha Asana, Dhanur Asana, Pavanmukt Asana, Shava Asana, Sun Salutation, Bhujang Asana, Kpal Bhati, Jaladharbhandra, Shitali Pranayama, Rechak-Purak Pranayama.


Inflammation of the sciatic nerve is known as sciatica. Pain in the legs, started from buttocks and spread to the feet end, is the characteristic of sciatica.

Yogic Cure: Bhujang Asana, Marjara Asana, Navak Asana, Dhanur Asana, Shalbha Asana, Trikon Asana, Chakra Asana, Suptavajra Asana.

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