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Yoga in Kerala

The role of Yoga in Kerala

Yoga practice is rampant in Kerala. People here attach more importance to Yoga and it is considered as important as Ayurveda, since Yoga-built bodies are no entry zones for ailments & lifestyle diseases.

Yoga, a 5000-year-old Indian practice that tones muscles and strengthens bones has spiritual benefits. Derived from the Sanskrit word, "Yoga" (meaning "union") is a combination of physical and mental exercise designed to improve health, hone ones concentration, and attain N*I*R*V*A*N*A (eternity). Modern lifestyle is built up with stress and conflicts and there is disharmony in the body (physical) and mind (mental) bringing spiritual conflict to the soul. All illness is the result of disintegration in these two.

Yoga is a philosophy by itself and will do wonders to the practitioners health. Other forms of exercise like aerobics and gymnastics focuses on the physical form of human body, whereas Yoga integrates the mental and physical self. One attains selflessness with years of practice, achieved through the 08 fold yogic practice;

  1. Yama ~ Disciplined Behavior
  2. Niyama ~ Self Purification
  3. Padmasana ~ Bodily Posture - lotus position
  4. Pranayama ~ Breath control
  5. Pratyahara ~ Sensual control
  6. Dharana ~ Concentration
  7. Dhyana ~ Meditation
  8. Samadhi ~ Absolute state of tranquility and eternity

Yoga exercises are done gently in a relaxed state with the right mental attitude induced by a correct breathing rhythm. By practicing Yoga, one has a complete control over their body - physical & mental. It increases the efficiency of the heart, optimises the respiratory rate, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, allays anxiety and promotes mental relaxation. It also serves to improve balance, coordination, posture, flexibility, concentration, digestion etc. It is a supplementary therapy for anemia, insomnia, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, back-ache, obesity, asthma, migraine and Aids; it also helps to combat addiction like consumption of liquor, smoking and drugs.

Yoga is a mental and physical exercise, whereas Meditation is a spiritual devotion. If Yoga is practiced regularly, it will activate the body cells and immunize the body against various ailments. Practicing yoga will also help garner memory power. It further paves way for one to lead a happy and healthy life.


Hatha Yoga

The Sanskrit word Hatha denotes to sun and moon. “Ha” stands for sun, “tha” stands for moon. When Hatha is enjoined to Yoga, the power it gives is of both sun and moon. Thus Hatha Yoga became the commander of all Yogas. Hatha Yoga, originated in India, is widely practiced across the globe.

Hatha Yoga, centered on Asana (postures) and Prana (breath), energizes the subtle channels of the body. Asanas and Pranayama are part of Ashtanga Yoga. Asanas fulfill two essential objectives.

One: For the practice of absolute meditation one needs perfection in one posture (Asana) at-least. If perfection is gained in more than one posture, it is easy to develop the techniques of inner meditation.

Two: Asana generates to the mind and body. Gaining perfection in more postures through constant practice reinforces the power of will and concentration.

Yoga Asanas

There are scores of Asanas adopted in Hatha Yoga. All contribute enormously to the mind and body in varying degrees and in varying modes. Practicing routinely all the Asanas is not practically possible. The practical way is therefore to practice one or two Asanas a day. Look at the cluster of Asanas –

  • Padma Asana,
  • Baktha Asana,
  • Ardhadhanur Asana,
  • Ardha Vrischik Asana-1 and 2,
  • Garbhpind Asana,
  • Garbha Asana,
  • Karnapind Asana 1 and 2,
  • Goraksh Asana,
  • Kukkat Asana,
  • Hal Asana,
  • Matsya Asana,
  • Padma Sarvang Asana,
  • Mayura Asana,
  • Sarvang Asana,
  • Paschimottam Asana,
  • Sethubandh Asana 1 and 2,
  • Parivritta Trikon Asana,
  • Sirsha Asana 1 and 2 and 3,
  • Utthita Trikon Asana,
  • Virbhadra Asana 1 and 2,
  • Sapta Varjan Asana and
  • Yoga Mundra Asana.

Cited below are some of the simple Asanas (postures of Yoga).

Sukhasana - Sitting/Easy Position

This Asana helps in control over breathing and has the feel of the body; helps strengthen lower back and relaxes the hip and groin parts of the body.

Sit cross-legged with hands on knees. Focus on your breath. Keep your spine straight and push the sit bones down into the floor. Gently lower the knees. If the knees rise above your hips, sit on a cushion or block. This will help support your back and hips. Take 5-10 slow, deep breaths. On the next inhale; raise your arms over your head. Exhale and bring your arms down slowly. Repeat 5-7 times.

Tadasana - Mountain/Standing Position

Improves posture and balance. A deceptive pose in that it appears so simple that some may ask - "why bother?" But just as there's more to breathing than meets the eye, there is more to standing too!

Stand with feet together, hands at your sides, eyes looking forward. Raise your toes, fan them open, then place them back down on the floor. Feel your heel, outside of your foot, toes and ball of your foot all in contact with the floor. Tilt your pubic bone slightly forward. Raise your chest up and out, but within reason. Raise your head up and lengthen the neck by lifting the base of your skull toward the ceiling. Stretch the pinky on each hand downward, then balance that movement by stretching your index fingers. Push into the floor with your feet and raise your legs, first the calves and then the thighs. Breathe. Hold the posture, but try not to tense up. Breathe. As you inhale, imagine the breath coming up through the floor, rising through your legs and torso and up into your head. Reverse the process on exhale and watch your breath as it passes down from your head, through chest, stomach, legs & feet.

For beginners, Yoga has to be practiced under the supervision of a Yoga guru (teacher).

Kundalini Yoga

Spiritual energy is called Kundalini energy. Kundalini energy is resting in the base of spine (Mooladhara Chakra) in the form of a coiled snake. This energy is activated through breath control (Pranayamas).

This is the most influential yoga ever known. It produces results 24times faster than any other yoga techniques. We can call it a technique comprising of all yogas. One can feel its benefits in a few minutes. Its power comes from the Kundalini or primal energy, located at sacrum plexus, an enormous reserve of untapped potential within each of us. By gradually and safely awakening this serpent and employing its power, you may feel more energized, more relaxed and alive all at the same time! Your presence will become more, magnetic and you will attract things which you had to run after previously.

You will become more ware and notice nuances and opportunities that once escaped you. Your life challenges will not disappear, but you will tap the courage, acquire the will and cultivate the inner strength to deal with them in a whole new way. You will find your true identity within yourself.

Embark on a fabulous discovery of your true self...

Many of the Ayurveda Centres in Kerala have Yoga practice and Yoga Teaching Program.

Yoga Teaching Program at Greens Ayur Centre

Cost for 21 DAYS YOGA Teaching Program with Ayurvdic Rejuvanative treatment at GREENS hospital, Azhiyur @ USD 65 EURO PER DAY, PER PERSON.

Cost includes:

1. Accommodation: clean and furnished bedroom (non A/C)

2. Free A/C taxi CAR: pick up from nearest Airport & back

3. Yoga tranig porgram-

4. PANCHAKARMA procedure- ONE MAIN- treatment per day/-one sessions each with Medicines- internal and external medicine

5. Doctor's & Therapist's service. -round the clock, first detailed consultation and daily regular viist, discussion.

6. Food (3 times,2 tea/ coffee). botteled mineral water

7. internal medications during the treatment course

8. Sight seing trips - for example; back water HOUSE BOAT TRIP with transportation - once in a 10 day

9. Daily room cleaning.

10. Laundry service.

11.Television –cable connection

12. English magazine, news paper

13. Free internet service at Greens center: 24 hour service.

14. BEACH side treatment/ relaxing hut: near by sea shore.

15. Currency / Travellers cheque- exchange: door step service.

16. 24 hour ATM counter: within 3 kilometer…

17. Overseas- Phone call : form GREENS with phone card (24 hour).

18. Henna drawing

19.Hot water facility for bathroom

Yoga Teaching Training Course (TTC) at Dr.Franklin's Institute near Kovalam

Dr. Franklin's Panchakarma Institute and Research Centre is at Thiruvananthapuram.

Daily yoga sessions are conducted under the supervision of Yogi Soorya Ravi. Guru Soorya Ravi is the Secretary of the Yoga Federation of India and a world renowned Yoga Master. His pure and pristine teachings are the result of an inner awakening. He has been conducting yoga classes in different parts of the world. ‘Yoga Teacher Training Course’ (Yoga TTC) is also conducted at the Institute.

One of the Most Powerful Yoga Ever Practiced

Mystic Art Yoga is a technique developed by Raviji, through years of tremulous effort of continuous study, investigation and research. This technique differs much from the yoga asanas (postures) widely spread all over the world and it incorporates the mantras of magical effect which lay hid with Vedic scriptures and the pranayama designed by the seven sages. At the practice every contemplative asana (In contemplative asanas , you engage your mind in inquiry into one concept, and ask it to consider the meaning and value of the concept) the students fell rejuvenated and translated to another plane physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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