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Yoga Principles


Yoga Principles

There are five principles for attaining healthy mind and healthy body.

1. Proper Relaxation. Elimination of tension in the muscles provides rest to the body. Tension-free body revitalizes the nervous system thereby ensures relaxed and refreshed feeling where there is no place for fears or worries.

2. Proper Exercise. Yoga postures and asanas provide proper exercise to the body which in turn produces more energy and strength to rejuvenate functional systems of the body.

3. Proper Breathing. Deep, slow and rhythmical breathing is what is called proper breathing. To attain proper breathing, it is necessary to regulate length and duration of inhalation and the pauses between breathe. The proper breathing recharges the body and controls mental state whereby one will have focused on calm mind.

4. Proper Diet. Proper diet nourishes mind and body alike. In yoga proper diet means well balanced natural foods and eating moderately. Improper diet will reflect on mind. It may cause mental weakness and blockade in spiritual awareness. Proper diet keeps the body immune and sturdy with calm mind.

5. Positive Thinking and Meditation. Positive thinking and positive meditation nullify negative thoughts and put the mind on proper tract of control.

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