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Bamboo rafting, which gives you the chill and the thrill of exploration in a different way, is no less than a revelation to people who visit the Periyar Tiger Reserve.

The dawn to dusk hiking and rafting programme helps you get a clear idea of life in the wilderness, letting you watch things from close quarters. All you need to do is to be at the boat landing at eight in the morning, fresh after a good night's sleep and a good breakfast. Don't forget to take your cameras, since you are sure to come across some real wonderful scenes, presented exclusively for you by nature.

First you are taken through a mosaic of habitats of birds and animals. From the giant squirrel to the Nilgiri Langur and from colourful and exotic birds to many other arboreal animals- you get to see them all in their natural habitats and behaving in the most natural of manners.

The second phase is the three-hour rafting. You hop onto a raft, made with bamboos tied together and set off, to catch real panoramic and breathtaking views of the forest-clad hills and their reflected images in the tranquil lake. Look around and you can see the elephant, the sambar and the gaur close to the edges of the lake, seemingly unperturbed by your presence and at peace with themselves.

It's back to the boat landing by 5 pm, from where you return to your camps.

It's at the most ten tourists who form a group. The group makes the exploration, accompanied by an armed guard and 4 guides. Tea, snacks and packed lunch, which will be served enroute, is part of the programme. (8am - 5pm)

Rather believing in publishing rates, we believe in negotiating the best deal for you.

Availability of expert local guides is difficult in peak season: Early booking required.

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