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Enjoy the beauty and wild landscapes of Kerala hills and mountains where they border with Tamil Nadu

The Kerala Ghats rise up from the coastal plan to 1300 metres (over 3000 feet) and offer a very different ecology to the rest of Kerala. Mountain mists and thick tropical forest provide shelter for a native wildlife that is wide-ranging but also under pressure from habitat destruction and modification.

This day long trek through the hill ranges of Periyar will allow you to encounter a more remote Kerala inhabited by wild elephant herds, the endangered mountain goats, sloth bears as well as the abundant bird and butterfly life. You will also be introduced to the abundant flora and fauna. When you look up you can see the distant hills and hear waterfalls and the rivers that start here before filling Kerala with their waters.

You will be accompanied by Guide and armed forest guard (as wild elephants can be unpredictable) and includes vegetarian food during the day.

The trekking starts at eight in the morning and you have got the whole day to see, enjoy and be awestruck at the majesty and glory that the wilderness has in store for you. By evening you'd have enjoyed travelling through the adventure-filled route, passing through undulating terrains and bringing you face-to-face not just with the gaur, sloth bear, elephant etc, but also with the colourful birds and butterflies that make it all enchanting. The altitude varies from place to place, ranging from 900 meters to 1300 meters and takes you through all kinds of places. Steep cliffs bordering the park watershed would thrill you as much as the vast plains below, that give you a never-before kind of feel.

The trek is conducted for a maximum of 10 tourists, divided into two groups, with the accompaniment of two guides and an armed forest guard. To make sure that you stay close to nature, it's vegetarian food that's provided en route.

Rather believing in publishing rates, we believe in negotiating the best deal for you.

Availability of expert local guides is difficult in peak season: Early booking required.

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