• Journeys across Kerala

    Journeys across Kerala

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Kerala Short Journeys Service

For many of our visitors, they have their holidays planned and everything is set and then they start running into small questions of logistics – how to get from a to B, can we spend two nights in one place and then get to another easily, is it feasible to go here and then go there. Our short journeys service is designed to plug the gaps in your holiday. Basically, we can help you connect up your itinerary when you want a little bit of certainty rather than waiting on the metaphorical streetcorner for a bus to come along.

Cochin Airport to Cochin City

Urban Sprawl meets Coconut Land

Don't let the first few minutes of your Kerala experience be fraught with worry...

Cochin to Alappuzha Backwaters Drive

Leave Behind the City and Travel to Waterworld

A drive along the villages and highway crossing rivers and passing by coir factories on your way to the backwaters & houseboat

Thekkady to Kumarakom

Scenic Drive from Periyar to the Backwaters

This journey drops you from the mountains to sea level passing through the whole gamut of Kerala landscapes and agriculture.

It could be something small, it could be something large, but you can rely on us to solve the problem. Maybe you want to get away to the Hill station for two nights and simply wanted all pulled together – that's what we do!

If you know what you want to do, or at least you think you do and now you're trying to work out whether you can do it, connect up with us using our live chat or Skype or twitter or what ever and see whether we can pull it off.

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