• The 3 Night Kettuvalom Cruise

    The 3 Night Kettuvalom Cruise

    The Extended Version of Houseboat heaven.

    Cast Off!
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Extended 3 Night Kerala Houseboat Tour

The long leisurely cruise of the deep backwaters

The long three day cruise reaches far into the backwater canals where other boats fear to tread. Unspoilt and largely unvisited and so much more interesting for it. Only works with smaller boats.

The 3 day cruise is for the dedicated backwater fan who wants to spend time really exploring this wonderful enviroment. Travel more slowly, stop more often and explore more deeply.

About Your Backwater Cruise

Learn local customs, interact with villagers and the water way of life in this 3 night houseboat experience. So sublime and angst-free is the experience that creative people often get over mental blocks and find their mojo on this extended cruise. The three night cruise helps to bond with the locals and yet feel pampered at the same time. There is immense joy in mingling with the people here and great comfort in the knowledge that you can retreat into a plush room any time! Write a journal, upload a photograph or blog or do nothing but observe... Muses come in all forms, from the waters themselves or the beautiful children and their curiosity in you. 

The boat driver, a maintenance worker and the cook on board are trained to be as quiet as the houseboat itself. Read books, get a sun tan and savour the food served on board during the day. Hop on to a canoe after 5:30 in the afternoon daily to enjoy the sunset. Take the canoe up the green canals to watch the women light lamps, wash dishes in the water and prepare the fish to be cooked for supper. The best part is that you hardly make a sound to distract and yet get a water-perch to watch the social drama of the village unfold before you.

Disembark to enjoy a traditional ayurvedic massage at a certified centre, which is a must-do in Kerala. Hop off also for a visit to the local pub or in this case, the toddy shop. The entire toddy process is fascinating from the morning tapping sounds atop the coconut tree to the fermented version in the shop. Watch the local drunks, the comical characters so ubiquitous of Kerala go about their daily rabble-rousing. 

Daytime trips include coir making and craft units that employ so many local women thereby granting them a bit of leverage with the men here. Children are the biggest delight and enjoy posing and clicking photographs and love to play with your smarphones! Talk with local fisherman, join his daily night venture to catch pearlspot and prawns. Feel free to swim in the shallows and hunt for clams and mussels during the day.

Your Sleeping Cabin

All boats now offer en-suite cabins with double bed and shower/washroom. All deluxe boats offer 24hr AC, whilst some standard boats offer only intermittent AC (see more about boats below)

Food Aboard the Boat

All meals are cooked and served aboard the boat and feature the typical Kerala cuisine. Indeed, may Keralites believe that you get the best food in houseboats! 

We cannot sell alcohol as boats are not licensed... but where there is a way, there is a means ! We can discuss beer etc with you.


  • All Meals
  • AC (except where specified)
  • Soft Drinks


  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Transfers (arranged separately

Superior & Deluxe Boats

We distinguish between two classes of boat - standard and deluxe as a simple way for you to choose which type of boat you want. We also list below examples of the boat to help you choose what boat you want to choose.

In overall layout, they are very similar. The real distinction is age of boat and quality of build.

Deluxe Houseboats are either new or simply very well maintained with high crew quality and the overall build and finish is excellent. For a good nights sleep and real comfort - choose deluxe. 

Note: Cruise starts at 12:00 noon with lunch and ends by last day morning 09:00 after breakfast. As per government rule, the boat will be anchored from 05:30 pm to 7:30 .

Houseboat Cruise Rates

Prices vary across the season for cruises. Luxury boats are more expensive than superior boats as you would expect. Each cabin sleeps two people. For luxury category, price can vary as per the boat chosen.

Peak Season is the Xmas and New Year Period where prices usually rise by 25% but it can depend and we negotiate to get the best rates. The peak starts on 20th December and runs through to 10th January.

    Departure Point

      • Alappuzha
      • Kumarakom

Get Quote for This Cruise

We can recommend and quote you on the details above including transfers if needed. You can tell us anything else you want us to know in the main text box above. If more urgent help is needed, use our contact details at the top of the page.

Sample Luxury Boats

Sample Superior Boats

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