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Luxury Houseboat Gallery

Luxury Houseboats captured on film

Luxury Houseboats are the most luxurious boats in our catalogue. Though on the higher end, one can  rest assured of a lavish cruise in these majestic houseboats on the placid backwaters. With its plush interiors, aesthetically done up designs, huge lounge and spacious rooms, a cruise in the luxury houseboat ensures a cosy getaway. The lounge and bedrooms usually have a rich wooden ceiling that adds up to its chic ambience. Furnished with the choicest linen and luxuriant three poster bed, these houseboats could well be termed as the last words in comfort.

Each bedroom room in the Luxury A/c Houseboat will have all the modern conveniences including dressing mirror and wardrobe.  The attached bathrooms are fitted with state of the art fittings and amenities to cater to the standards of international tourists. The bedrooms also have glass windows that extend down to ensure the guests an uninterrupted view of the backwaters even while lying on the bed. These houseboats are air-conditioned and have quieter engines, prerequisites for a better sleep and overnight stay. Lifesavers and safety jackets are also available on board. The kitchenette at the back end of the boat is replete with all modern equipments including a fridge. The guests are free to use the kitchen for themselves if they so choose.

The Luxury houseboat is best for large groups, where the guests can lazily stretch themselves watching the sun or indulge in a book or catch up with music. Our guests prefer it for the state-of-the art facility and immense quality. What you are going to enjoy is the feeling of being in the midst of all the comforts, though you are disconnected from the city.

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