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  • Setting Sun in the Backwaters

    The sun sets in the backwaters and the colours change from bright blue of the day, through orange to pink and then darkness. Recline, drink in hand and marvel at it all. Click here for our Kerala houseboat cruises
  • Boutique Crazy

    Kerala has gone boutique crazy with a wonderful range of small and friendly hotels that combine a winning smile with an eye for contemporary design fashions. They're not expensive and we have stayed in all of them! (It's a hard life) Click here for our fave small hotels
  • Babylon Beach Blanket

    Indian beaches are different! First of all they are inhabited by the fishing families. Secondly come sunset they attract all manner of exotica. If you want to experience a truly karmic sunset, then Varkala is the place for you!
    Discover Varkala
  • Memories as long as an Elephant

    Discover all the different experiences that Kerala has to offer. Click here for things to see, do, touch & taste
  • Down on your Luxe

    The perfect Kerala holiday combines going native interspersed with luxurious sojourns in more luxurious pads. Describe your poison and we will find you the luxury antidote. Click here for wander our zoological garden of holidays & tours
  • Get Stuck In

    You can do it the tourist way with camera in-hand or you can get your hands dirty - cooking the food, picking the coffee or mundur-clad attending ceremonies. Click here for our potpourri of experiences
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Great Holidays in Kerala from the Experts

Journeys of Mind, Body & Spirit in Kerala

Kerala Holidays from Karma KeralaKerala is India's tropical playground. Although the smallest of India's states it is like an Indian curry filled with all sorts of delicious flavours and experiences. There is a little Goa, a little Tamil Nadu, a little Karnataka; Kerala is both modern and ancient. Home to some of India's most famous and venerable temples, it is also the foundation of India's long christian tradition including six churches that were founded by the apostle St Thomas. Journey inland and you encounter the tranquil rice paddies and inland waterways of the backwaters with their snail like Kettuvalloms that once carried rice to the coast and then around the world. Beyond, the land rises high into the Ghat Mountains and a mist-bedewed landscape of coffee, tea, spices filled with perfumes, tropical jungle wildflowers and, if you are truly blessed, tigers.

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