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Houseboat FAQs

Alcohol aboard Houseboats

The serving of Alcohol aboard Houseboats

Do we share the boat?

Answers about whether houseboats are shared across different parties.

Luxury, Superior and Standard Houseboats

Information about the different houseboats

Mosquitoes, Critters & Houseboats

Those Pesky Critters...

Rice Boat or Day Boat

What is the difference between Day Boats and rice boats?

Typical Kerala Houseboat Prices

Kerala backwater houseboat prices and rates vary across the year. Here is an indication of rates across the year for different classes of houseboat to get you started. Please note these are indicative and can vary according to boat and availability.

What is the food available in a houseboat?

What variety of food is avalable commonly in the houseboat?

What you can see...

What you can see on a houseboat cruise

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