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Why Book With Us?

It costs the same or less as booking direct - we don't charge a BOOKING FEE. Hotels provide us with commission for the job we do.

It's Local - all booking requests are sent instantly to our offices in Kerala where we personally deal with them. Being local means that we can advise you. We don't own these properties so we try to offer disinterested advice to you about what is the best solution for you.

We are International with an office in both India and UK. Our team in the UK knows kerala as well and can give you the best advice.We are much more than a hotel booking service - we are about holidays in Kerala.

1. Best Value for Money - Guaranteed: With us you can be rest assured of the best value for money deals. We pool together every available choice and give you a list to choose from, coupled with advice on the quality and value aspect of each option.

2. Expert Guidance is our Forte: We are travel experts with a difference. Our core competency lies in the field of Kerala travel and tourism. With our up-to-date and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of the business you are ensured to get the maximum advantage of what’s on offer.
3. Maximum Choice: We promise to give you the widest range of travel options and prices from our vast network of travel suppliers that meet your precise needs and budget.

4. Convenient One-stop Shopping: Leave the hassles to us and save your valuable time and money.  Just call one of our representatives and tell us your requirements. We will efficiently handle every aspect of your trip, from air ticket booking, to hotel reservations and car rentals, coach and train reservations, accommodation and activities.

5. Customer Advocate: In case of any unforeseen events or problems arising en route we will act on your behalf and put things straight to the best of our effort without any delay. We are there before, during and after your trip and for us your safety and comforts take the foremost precedence.

6. Your own Personalised Travel Service: We believe the key to a pleasant travel arrangement is in understanding exactly what the customer wants and then providing it the best value for money price. We consider every costumer unique and offer fast, friendly and personalized service, meeting their specific requirements.

7. Professional Advice: We are highly qualified professionals with an exemplary domain expertise in the area of travel and tourism. Our mission is to ensure that you get what you want at the best value for money price. Customers delight is our motto.

8. Time Savings: We have the knowledge and expertise that saves you time. With all the information from an extensive network of suppliers at our finger tips we can work out all your travel-related options within a matter of seconds. We also ensure you prompt confirmations and follow-ups.

9. You can Trust us: We are not some automated nameless website or a supplier's call centre located in foreign shores. We are a local business with real people and values. You know where we are, who we are and how to reach us.

10. Unbiased Information: We are constantly looking out for the best interest of our clients, working for you and with you, not for an airline or any other travel supplier. We, under no circumstances will bias or prejudice our recommendations. Our sole objective is to get you the best value deals that surpass your expectations so you will come back and see us again!

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