Monthly Archive: August 2008

Paradoxical words and deeds 4

Paradoxical words and deeds

Malayalees often face the predicament of how to address people in a social circle. Though the changing life styles have brought in a deluge of anglicized terms like ‘uncle’ and ‘aunty’ into the list [...]

The other side of hartals 4

The other side of hartals

Though industry watchers and businessmen might label hartals as anti-productive, the startling fact is that the majority of Keralites, comprising of the salaried class and students look forward to hartals eagerly.
This incident that took [...]

Exceptional Fashion statements 0

Exceptional Fashion statements

Though Kerala does not flaunt any significant position in the fashion map of the country, the younger generation of this tiny state is fast catching up with the changing trends of fashion. The best [...]

Caught in the crossfire 0

Caught in the crossfire

By now, the general public in the “God’s own country”, Kerala would have lost count of the hartals and strikes that have eaten into their normal working days, which throws their normal life out [...]

eGhost takes Kerala by storm 0

eGhost takes Kerala by storm

The real estate deals in Kerala are monopolized by a powerful land mafia, which operates with the support of politicians and bureaucrats, who would bend the rules to suit their needs. Customers find it [...]

Charity begins at home 4

Charity begins at home

Kerala has the dubious reputation of having the poorest civic sense rating in spite of being one of the most progressive and literate societies. Though most of the families live in plush apartments and [...]

Walking down the memory lane 4

Walking down the memory lane

This is an interesting story that happened around ten years ago, when Kerala villages retained a distinct rustic charm unlike today when there is not much difference between the rural and urban life styles.
We [...]