Monthly Archive: November 2008

The home is where your heart is 0

The home is where your heart is

Kerala holds the rare distinction of having some of the most tastefully created homes, which blend both the classic charm and contemporary conveniences. The paradox is that though there are many people who do not have […]

Learn to age gracefully 0

Learn to age gracefully

Kerala is witnessing a strange syndrome  which is sure to set off nightmares for retired persons, who might be dreaming of spending a relaxed life after retirement. Retired people are forced to take up jobs even […]

Volvo Race – a curtain raiser 0

Volvo Race – a curtain raiser

 The Volvo stopover in Kochi from December 3 to 13 is going to be a  big cultural extravaganza, which highlights both the traditional and  contemporary culture and art forms of Kerala. A colourful pageant […]

It takes two to tango 0

It takes two to tango

Kodinhi village in Malapuram district is keeping the genetic fraternity on its toes by presenting a unique problem- an extraordinarily high concentration of twins! Flaunting more than 100 pairs of twins, mainly identical and […]

Live and let live 0

Live and let live

This world would have been a dreary and lifeless space without the early morning chirping of birds and the pleasant cuckoo calls. These birds of all possible hues and shades greatly add up to the milieu […]

New face of Malapuram 4

New face of Malapuram

Malapuram, Nov 5
The journey from illiteracy to literacy!
Malapuram marks its place as a rich cultural and political heritage district in Kerala. The district which stands proudly with the largest Muslim population in Kerala has […]