Monthly Archive: May 2010

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Once upon a time ….

We all have grown up listening to the typical “ once upon a time’ stories and prince and princess stories from our grand parents. I still remember how the gesticulations and dramatic expressions of [...]

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Yoga – The science of man

To attain the extreme heights of peace within; Yoga, is an art of living a healthy, peaceful and contented life. In it’s wholeness, Yoga is integrated to certain principles, values, ideas, attitudes in a [...]

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Little Drops Make an Ocean!

The unexpected early onset of South West monsoon and the rains set off by the depression in Bay of Bengal, last week  was a reason to celebrate for everyone in Kerala. From the banter [...]


Aliens from Planet X !

This blog is inspired by the recent reports of the famous British astrophysicist, Stephen Hawking that aliens could exist in space and it is better not to confront them. For long there [...]