Monthly Archive: June 2010

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The first ever Tibetan wedding in Kochi

Kochi played  hostess to the first ever Tibetan wedding in the city, which is home to a small community of 8 families of Tibetans. Both the groom and the bride owns businesses dealing in [...]

Another Hartal. Wow, what a day!! 1

Another Hartal. Wow, what a day!!

Wishful thinking on a hartal day…

It was yesterday evening, when a colleague called up and asked me that I came to know that the LDF (Left Democratic Party), the ruling party in Kerala, had [...]

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The Corporate Banyan Tree

For an ordinary pair of eyes it  might look like a paper back title or a corporate management manual. However, it is actually a passage from the blog of a self made man who [...]

Rain Rain go away… 3

Rain Rain go away…

Rains in Kerala are always beautiful, especially the monsoon that’s lashing all across the State right now. Even now, as I am writing this article, sitting at my desk at
Karmakerala, it’s raining outside. Indeed, [...]