Recommendation to replace elephants with chariots in Trissur Pooram

Caparisoned Elephants may be replaced by decked up chariots in Thrissur pooram if the proposal put forward by the Coimbatore- based management advisors K Anantharaman and Associates and students of MBA programme of the West Fort Higher Education Trust here come true. The study on the management of Thrissur Pooram had focused mainly on the elephant participation  vis a vis serious objections raised by animal lovers, who were distressed by the inhuman treatment meted out to these gentle giants.

Elephants have been closely associated with Kerala temples and its festivals since time immemorial and Malayalees share deep sentiments with these animals. Nonetheless, off late there have been many issues regarding the torture and pathetic conditions under which these mute animals were paraded in the scorching sun for many hours together for temple festivals like pooram.

The study report has suggested to the introduction of ornate chariots that can carry parasols and other decorations as replacement to elephants. It is easy to adjust the heights of chariots and can also be decorated with electrical lightings. Without getting deep into the emotional angle of the issue, the study report has also suggested to bring down the noise levels of pooram fireworks and pyrotechnics. The study report which was released in Thrissur has incorporated many points that were discussed  thread bare in the last several years. The changes proposed in the report  may be seriously looked into and in that event, the cultural capital of Kerala,  Thrissur will be hosting pooram sans the grandeour of caparisoned elephants in future.

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