Monthly Archive: November 2010

Selling fish, prawn, duck and eggs by the backwaters in a kuttanad village 0

By the backwaters in Kuttanadu…

Kuttanadu is where you can catch glimpses of rural Kerala, with sprawling paddy fields, the crisscross of waterways and ducks swimming all around, fresh water fish being caught and sold, people transporting things in [...]

KOCHI1-2 2

How safe is Kochi at night?

Though Kochi has been projected as the business capital of Kerala and an emerging metropolis, things are far from rosy as far as its safety index at night is concerned. How safe do you [...]

diya 0

Diwali celebrations in Kerala

The term diwali literally means a row of lamps and this festival signifies the victory of good over evil. A popular  festival of fireworks,lights and sweets, Diwali celebrations span many days in most parts [...]