Monthly Archive: March 2011


Twestival 2011 Kochi

Today, Kochi is playing host to Twestival 2011, the largest social media event in Kerala. It will be held  at the Cochin Gymkhana near Toc-H school Vytila from 5.30 pm and around 150  tweeters...

Tasting Toddy 2

Tasting Toddy

Keralites (and Sri Lankans) venerate their traditional coconut derived alcohol drink: toddy, even if contemporary keralites seem to prefer whisky or Kingfisher. A recent article in the UK’s Guardian newspaper had a peculiarly apt...


Is old age a regret?

It was a case of deja vu for me as this incident looked so very similar to a story that my friend had sent  to my mail box only a few hours back! The...