Kerala registers an economic growth of 9.5 percent

kerala developmentThe success of the Kerala model development is yet again proven beyond doubt  with the State recording a robust growth rate of 9.5 percent during the financial year of 2011-12. The growth rate of Kerala is not only the highest among all southern states but also way above the national average of 6.5% for the corresponding period

The state’s economy made a jump start  from 8.05% of the preceding year, which points to a vibrant all round growth. NRI remittances continue to be the main factor in Kerala’s development history with the remittances touching Rs 55,000 Crore, which was 23 per cent more than the previous year’s remittances that stood at Rs 45,000 crore.

However, the agricultural scenerio paints a sorry picture as it has recorded a negative growth of 1.6 per cent for the first time in recent times and a sharp drop of 4.5% in agricultural income. Kerala continues to retain its pace of development in education and its school drop out rate fell by 4.5 per cent. Though Kerala, continues to be the most literate state, the fact that unemployment rates shot up to the fourth highest in the country will be a cause of concern for the state. At present , there are  45 lakh people listed in the employment exchanges, which is up from 43 lakh in 2010-11. This might sound paradoxical considering the fact that Kerala is home to over 25 lakh migrant labourers, which shows that Keralaites are not willing to take up any available jobs on offer to keep the wolves away from their doors. Being highly choosy, the workforce of Kerala looks for easy means to make money, often leaving the arduous and manual jobs to the migrant labour force.

The industry watchers and economic gurus have highlighted the urgent need for the State administration to give impetus to agriculture. It has also warned the state on the  unchecked urbanisation, which is putting pressure on natural resources like drinking water, which could push the state into a crisis. It is high time that we learn to cut a balance between the needs of man and its consequences on nature  to ensure a stable and long term growth pattern.

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