Author: Sholto Ramsay

Greenpeace activist Brikesh Singh occupies a tree called Junglistan Nivas for one month. Junglistan Nivas  has a very small room built on an existing machan (tree house). It took a Greenpeace team a month to build the tree house, and it was erected without damaging the tree in anyway. With this activity Mr Singh and Greenpeace call for the protection of the Chandrapur forest and ask the Indian government to stop all new coal mining allocations and forest clearances. A banner on the tree house reads "Save Junglistan - Forests not coal". 0

Farewell Greenpeace?

The news that the indian chapter of Greenpeace may be forced to close is extremely worrying for all Indians and especially Keralites whose beautiful state is under constant pressure from development and poor industrial […]

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Flickr User of the Month – Anoop Negi

Any casual browse of the flickr streams and groups on Kerala will quickly fasten on sets of beautiful images from an Indian photographer called Anoop Negi. Although you will find him wandering all over […]

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And SAIP Means What?

At Karma Kerala, we aim to best advice our customers as to what to expect of the mustachioed Keralite. Unlike the rest of India where pesky vendors and beggars hound foreigners, Kerala stands apart! In […]