Author: Sholto Ramsay

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The Best of Kerala Fiction Books

Our list of books about Kerala or set in Kerala that capture the essence of the state. We have our own “haiku” like short stories that we publish from our own mystical small village […]

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World Photography Day – Kerala Photographers

It’s world photography day (19th August) and so I thought a round up of the best Kerala photographers would be an interesting exercise for me.
Anoop Negri
familiar to Tumblr users and flickr where his careful […]

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I want my own Tuk-Tuk!

I have always dreamt of driving around the South of England with my very own TukTuk which would be fully customised for the purpose. Whenever I travel around, I look longingly at any tuk […]

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Elephant Torture Exposed in Kerala

An expose in the British newspaper the Daily Mail (more widely known for its right-wing attitude towards just about anything) which is one of the most widely read newspapers in the UK has published […]

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1000km Protest in Kerala

There is something wonderful about politics in Kerala: witness the 1000 km protest organised by the Communist Party of India – Marxist who persuaded 2 million Kerala activists to create a 1000 km protest […]

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Saving the Forest, One Woman at a time

At a time when dog lovers are accusing Kerala of culling or at least threatening to cull the state’s stray dogs, it’s nice to know that for some of Kerala’s inhabitants, looking after the […]

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The End of Greenpeace

Kerala is in the middle of its own dog at war after it was announced, or supposedly announced that the Kerala State government was planning to cull up to 200,000 stray dogs. As you […]

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Flickr User of the Month – Anoop Negi

Any casual browse of the flickr streams and groups on Kerala will quickly fasten on sets of beautiful images from an Indian photographer called Anoop Negi. Although you will find him wandering all over […]