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Insects trapped inside Pitcher Plant 1

Pitcher Plants = A Mosquito-Free Cochin?

Dream of a Mosquito-free Cochin! Will there be a time? Perhaps, the Pitcher plant- ‘the meat eating plant’ can free Kochi from Mosquitoes to some extent. Only thing is that every house in the […]

Control of Rutting Elephants Proposed… 1

Control of Rutting Elephants Proposed…

Rutting elephants are a menace to the mankind, especially in Kerala during temple festivals. It takes time to control such elephants. Some times it takes hours as the skilled vetinarian has to come often […]

kerala rain 0

Monsoon hits the Kerala coast on time

The monsoon dates that coincide with the school reopening in Kerala has always been a delightful experience for every Malayalee. As the much expected South West monsoons lashed the Kerala Coast bang on target […]