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Elephant Torture Exposed in Kerala

An expose in the British newspaper the Daily Mail (more widely known for its right-wing attitude towards just about anything) which is one of the most widely read newspapers in the UK has published […]

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Saving the Forest, One Woman at a time

At a time when dog lovers are accusing Kerala of culling or at least threatening to cull the state’s stray dogs, it’s nice to know that for some of Kerala’s inhabitants, looking after the […]

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Pitcher Plants = A Mosquito-Free Cochin?

Dream of a Mosquito-free Cochin! Will there be a time? Perhaps, the Pitcher plant- ‘the meat eating plant’ can free Kochi from Mosquitoes to some extent. Only thing is that every house in the […]

Control of Rutting Elephants Proposed… 2

Control of Rutting Elephants Proposed…

Rutting elephants are a menace to the mankind, especially in Kerala during temple festivals. It takes time to control such elephants. Some times it takes hours as the skilled vetinarian has to come often […]