Tales from a Kerala Village

Meet our small, traditional, typical and anonymous Kerala village. Each week our undercover correspondent brings us the latest news and hottest gossip from the community. There is no hint too subtle or nuance too inflected for him not only to hear the story but consider and prognosticate on its significance.

Today, India may be migrating to the city lights, but the beating heart and consciousness of India is still the village with its traditions, superstitions, rivalries, illicit loves and, when push comes to shove, its sense of shared experience and community.

Enjoy our own Kerala tales: they are the face of rural india laid bare!

Popular Stories

A day in the village

Ancient Lifestyles changing..

From a distance, the village life in Kerala appears simple, idyllic and unchanging over the last hundred years. But if you observe closely you will see that the cycle of change have hit the villages too.

A Food Crazy Lad

A gourmand searches for fine dining

No marriage feast is complete with him in the corner.

A Sudden Catastrophe

Incident with Bus

The sad story of Lajitha after she tried to protect her son.

A Village Childhood Reminiscence

The story of Sakeer

Memories of a young boy in the village

Aanayum Thunnalkaaranum (Elephant & Tailor)

A story of elephant love

An elephant and tailor's relationship on our small village.

Bathing Ghat Rivalry

A washing stone war turns legal!

Blind - Faith Disaster

Too much confidence in oracles!

The confidence in oracles and soothsayers

Cheated Charity

Sometime charity makes dismay

Discord Of Neighbours

The problems that arise from overhanging tree branches.

Dubious Act

A tale of alcohol taking over a life

Frog Hunting

A Pastime of Adolescents.

Adolescent frog japes in Monsoon season...

Gulf Money Bombast

The impact of Gulf money on behaviour!

How Gulf famililes behave

Hoodwinking by babies

Toddlers in the sweet shop

Two toddlers take to crime in the village ...

Petty Tea shop - Pool of Hearsay and Real News

Understanding the tea shop's role in the village

The importance of the tea shop to village life...

Thampachan - A Friend

An old story and an old cursed treasure are discovered by the writer in Travancore after exploring an old attic in the family house. From Guest writer Job Xavier

The Bankers

Son Watches Father rob a bank

Child develops an ambition to become a banker - for all the wrong reasons.

The Metamorphosis

Suja is the first in family to go to college.

Well-Acted Unconsciousness

Unconscious - Actual or Acted

Rabindranath Tagore defined the short story as "Simple events of life, happy or sad, Some sad strings from the train of forgetfulness, Not fraught with heavy descriptions, Not crowded with events, No advice, no philosophy Only the feeling that the story is not yet over Although there is no more to read". The stories from our Village Life are individually very short but together they form a sort of dramaturgy of the Kerala life that is beginning to recede as the modern world has more and more impact on village life. Once remote and inward looking, villages are now connected and the myths and beliefs of the village are being disipated by worldly news.

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