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A Five Star Experience

The costs of staying in a five star hotel

This story spilled out from a friend after he had a couple of drinks in a party.

He is a village boy from the central parts of Kerala, who is very ambitious and hardworking, and he has recently got a job in an reputed company in the city, against many odds.

The story begins with an invitation my friend gets, to attend a conference in the the national capital, flight and accommodation provided by the company. He was very excited because he had never been on a plane or stayed in five-star hotel before. He immediately confirmed that he will be attending.

Although he was a little apprehensive about the flight, he reached his destination safely. He arrived a day early so that he had enough time for sight-seeing, which he did wearing the new shirt he bought for the trip. In the evening, he summoned the laundry boy to his room. He thought that it would look awkward to give just one shirt, thus he gave his new dirty shirt and two old but clean shirts to the boy, and told him to return them the next day morning itself. The boy replied that there would be extra price for 12 hour service. It is at that time he realised that he has to pay for laundry, he had thought it is part of the house. But it was too late, his prestige didnt allow it to take it back. The night was spent in anxious anticipation of how much the bill might be..

 The laundry boy came in the morning with the clean ironed clothes, smiling face and a bill amount which was much greater than the actual cost of the three shirts together. He paid the bill with a sigh and thanked god that he had taken some extra money for emergency. This incident made him very alert on each steps at that hotel. He cancelled his plan to visit the pool and health club (he didn't know it was for free). He confirmed with the room service that the fruit basket in the room is complimentary and immediately emptied  it into his bag, the only thing he could do to compensate with his money loss.

We laughed on this through out the night. Some friends even said that the shirts are still in his wardrobe , exactly like the laundry boy gave it as he couldn't bring himself to make those dirty again.

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